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Londinium Series: Bruce Wayne’s Playboy Lifestyle Has Fine Dining and Parties in Gotham



Bruce Wayne is a billlionnaire businessman and heir of the Wayne fortune. Orphaned at a young age, he goes on a quest during his adult years to find purpose. During his travels, he masters all known martial arts then returns to Gotham. Donning the cape and cowl as Batman, he seeks to bring justice to Gotham and avenge his parents’ murder.

*Find out about his playboy lifestyle in Trivia.

In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne enjoys fine dining at the hotel. During a conversation with his associates about the Batman, his company skinny dips. When confronted, Bruce buys the hotel.

In Gotham Season 4: Episode 7, a young Bruce Wayne buys a club.


Bruce Wayne (Nolanverse) in DC Movies Wiki.

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