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Conan The Barbarian

Conan NAME: CONAN RELATIVES: CONALDAR, FIALLA BASE OF OPERATIONS: CIMMERIA AFFILIATION: CIMMERIAN PEOPLE CHARACTERISTICS HEIGHT: 6’0 – 6’6″ WEIGHT: 180 – 265 lbs. ORIGIN STORY Conan is a warrior-born who was born among the Cimmerians who migrated east of Atlantis some time before it sank to the ocean and was destroyed. Conan is a warrior-born as said, and was actually born […]

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DC Day: In The ‘Armageddon’ Storyline, The WildC.A.T.s. Rescue Captain Atom Stranded In The DC Multiverse From The WorldStorm

DC DAY IN DC MULTIVERSE CAPTAIN ATOM LANDS IN THE WILDSTORM UNIVERSE In ‘Captain Atom: Armageddon’ (2006) #1, Captain Atom lands in a parallel universe in the DC multiverse: the Wildstorm Universe to presage the Worldstorm. The issue opens with Captain Atom flying the Composite Superman/Batman robot into space in order to bomb a Kryptonite asteroid. On the way, Captain […]

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Feat: Spawn, ‘Spawn’ #262

SPAWN (ALBERT SIMMONS) In ‘Spawn’ (2016) #262, titled “The Satan Saga Wars Part 4”, Spawn performs an energy projection feat. Spawn goes through Hell in order to save Wanda. During the war, Spawn detonated his symbiote to blast Satan with an explosion that devastates Hell. How much energy projection does it take for Spawn to blast Satan with an explosion […]

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Super Power: The Six Infinity Gems Are Multiversal Artifacts Created By The Celestials

SUPER POWER IN MARVEL MULTIVERSE THE INFINITY GEMS ARE ARTIFACTS FROM MARVEL’S PRIMORDIAL UNIVERSE Today we talk about six primordial super powers. I speak of the Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems first appeared in Marvel continuity in ‘Marvel Premiere’ (1972) #2, which featured the first appearance of the Soul Gem and the power of Adam Warlock. In ‘Infinity Wars’ (2018) […]

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Feat: Galactus, ‘Silver Surfer’ #38

GALACTUS (GALAN)EARTH-616 In ‘Silver Surfer’ (1988) #38, titled “Silver Surfer: Judgment Day”, Galactus performs an energy projection feat. Galactus battles Mephisto in Mephisto’s Realm to recover the Silver Surfer‘s and Nova’s souls. During the battle, Galactus absorbs Mephisto’s realm to feed. How much energy projection does it take for Galactus to absorb Mephisto’s realm? GALACTUS ABSORBED MEPHISTO’S REALM AND FED […]

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Feat: Cyclops, ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #115

CYCLOPS (SCOTT SUMMERS)EARTH-616 In ‘Uncanny X-Men’ (1978) #115, titled “Visions of Death!”, Cyclops performs an energy projection feat. The human-pteranodon hybrid super-villain named Sauron puts Wolverine under hypnotic control to attack Cyclops and Nightcrawler while Storm lies on the floor unconscious. During the fight, Cyclops knocks out Wolverine with an optic blast. How much energy projection does it take for […]

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Feat: Aquaman, ‘JLA’ #118

AQUAMAN (ARTHUR CURRY)NEW EARTH In ‘JLA’ (2006) #118, titled “Crisis of Conscience: Part Four”, Aquaman performs a super strength feat. Despero has restored the Secret Society of Super Villains’ memory of the Justice League of America’s secret identities. With the Justice League of America occupied, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter take on Despero. During the fight, Aquaman punches Despero out of […]

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Feat: Superman, ‘Superman’ #207

SUPERMAN (CLARK KENT)NEW EARTH In ‘Superman’ (2004) #207, titled “For Tomorrow, Part Four”, Superman performs a super speed feat. In the Middle East, investigating the Vanishing, Superman fights a mercenary called Equus. During the fight, Superman speedblitzes Equus. How much super speed does it take for Superman to speedblitz Equus? SUPERMAN SPEEDBLITZED EQUUS WITH FIVE PUNCHES DAMAGING HIS CYBERNETIC GOGGLES […]

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Battles Of The Week: Amazo vs The Justice League Of America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK ‘Justice League Of America’ (2008) #23 SYNOPSIS Amazo awakens in the Red Tornado’s body and goes hunting the Justice League of America. CHECK OUT THE ACTION: BATMAN VS PROMOTHEUS THE FIGHT In ‘Justice League Of America’ (2008) #23, the Justice League of America fights Amazo on the Justice League Watchtower. Amazo in Red Tornado’s body is […]

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Battles Of The Week: Iron Man vs Hulk

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. BATTLES OF THE WEEK The two contestants encounter each other at a Stane International plant. On the left side is the Invincible Iron Man and on the right side is the Incredible Hulk. Let’s look at the stats! Iron Man – Earth-616 SUPER-STRENGTH: BUILDING SUPER-SPEED: SONIC DURABILITY: CITY BLOCK ENERGY PROJECTION: […]

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Battles Of The Week: Punisher vs Deadpool

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants at Deadpool’s apartment in New York City. On the left side is Punisher and on the right side is Deadpool. Let’s look at the stats. PUNISHER – EARTH-616 SUPER-STRENGTH: PEAK HUMAN SUPER-SPEED: PEAK HUMAN DURABILITY: PEAK HUMAN ENERGY PROJECTION: METAHUMAN FIGHTING-SKILLS: PEAK HUMAN INTELLIGENCE: FIELD EXPERIENCE PARAPHERNALIA Punisher’s Suit. Punisher’s Battle Van. […]

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DC Day: Joker Plans His Birthday Celebration By Gassing The GCPD Precinct With Joker Venom

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC COMICS JOKER SENDS A LETTER TO COMMISSIONER GORDON FOR HIS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION GASSED WITH JOKER VENOM In ‘Batman’ (1980) #321, Joker sends Commissioner Gordon a letter with no return address at the GCPD gassed with Joker Venom. The letter is an invitation to Joker’s birthday celebration […]

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Super Power: T-800’s Silvery Metal Endoskeleton Is An Advanced Microprocessor Designed For Combat

SUPER POWER IN DARK HORSE UNIVERSE THE T-800’S ENDOSKELETON IS AN ADVANCED MICROPROCESSOR T-800 is one of the most iconic killing machines in fandom. Its name is spoken in fear and trembling. And this with good cause. For all its lethality, its strength, and its intelligence, the T-800 possesses a remarkable physical component: the endoskeleton. Read on! The silvery metal […]