Thor, ‘Thor #327’

SUPER-STRENGTH SUPER FEAT: STELLAR Peak human Metahuman City block Mountain Continent Planetary Stellar Solar System Universal Multiversal Boundless For more information on potential energy, visit the Omni-Calculator. Visit the Marvel page! Head over to ‘The Marvel 2018 Reboot: New Origins!’ by Comics Explained. VISIT OUR CALCULATIONS! Continue reading Thor, ‘Thor #327’

Superman, ‘Superman/Batman #10’

In ‘Superman/Batman #10’, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Amazons battle an invasion from Apokolips. Superman faces, an army of Dr. Bedlam’s estimated… 3,000 Doomsday “animates”. How much energy does it take to melt 3,000 Doomsday “animates”? SUPERMAN VAPORIZED 837 TONS OF 3,000 H-BOMBS CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING EACH LESS THAN “A FORCE EQUAL TO A … Continue reading Superman, ‘Superman/Batman #10’