Feat: Fernus, ‘JLA’ #86

In 'JLA' (2003) #86, Fernus kills several hundreds White Martians in the Phantom Zone in the Fortress of Solitude.

In 'JLA' (2003) #86, Fernus The Burning kills several hundred White Martians. Let's look at this energy projection super feat.

Feat: Cyborg, ‘Justice League’ #4

In 'Justice League #4' (2011), Cyborg vaporizes a parademon with a White Noise Cannon.

In 'Justice League' (2012) #4, titled 'Justice League: Part Four', Cyborg performs an energy projection feat. Cyborg awakes in the red room in S.T.A.R Labs and is confused. In a group parademons' attack, Cyborg vaporizes a parademon with his White Noise Cannon. How much energy does it take to vaporize a parademon with a sonic … Continue reading Feat: Cyborg, ‘Justice League’ #4