Hey! I’m Pat!

Database Comics is a website started by me, a pre-med student from Texas State University. A fan of Superman, who practices art as a hobby, regularly reads comic books (DC rules!) and visits comic book battle forums.

I have been making comic book art since a young age, and recently decided to share my passion for comic books with this website.

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Database Comics is a comic book battles site! Database Comics aims to present comic book battles and present characters’ feats to aid in comic book battle comparisons. We present comic book days as a celebration of characters with an emphasis on action and story-telling.

We aim to present a database of characters’ feats. In addition, we present character Bios, Videos, Comic Book Battles, Feat Comparisons, Comic Book Days, Super Feat of the Day, Super Power. Together, all the above constitute the Database Files of Database Comics.

‘Up, up, and away!’