Database Comics aims to present a database of super feats! Comic book fans are regularly comparing their favorite comic book superheroes in comic book battles. We aim to aid comic book battle comparisons in different comic book superhero companies and list their greatest super feats!

We aim to present a database of super feats! We present a database of the abilities of the comic book superheroes from the different comic book superhero companies. The superhero characters are covered in their various abilities. These are primarily physical strength, energy manipulation, matter manipulation, mental and emotional abilities, intellectual superiority, inventions, scientific discoveries, comic book battles and events, and cosmic super feats. In addition, we showcase abilities such as leadership, fighting ability, wisdom, and organizational ability.

We aim to present primarily comic book media. In addition, we present character biographical information, video analysis, comic book battles, super feat analysis, and comic book days, ‘Super Feat of the Day’, and ‘What Super Power Do You Want?’. Together, all the above constitute the Database Files of Database Comics.