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Where We Answer FAQs, Celebrate Comic-Con and SUPERHERO HOLIDAYS

DB Comics Mailbag: This Year, Database Comics Will Continue the League of Heroes and Answer FAN-MAIL

For SPIDER-MAN DAY, we invite the fans to send us fan-mail with the League of Heroes. So far, we have answered 14 fan queries and searches with more fan-mail to come.

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DB Comics Mailbag: Today, We Celebrate SUPERMAN DAY And Invite Fans to Join the League of Heroes

On Superman Day, we invite the fans to celebrate Superman Day. So far, we have reached 98,042 Facebook users worldwide.

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DB Comics Mailbag: This Year, Database Comics Will Continue Superhero Holidays and the League of Heroes

On Superhero Day, we concluded The Mightiest Punch! Importantly, we have reached 4.1 million Facebook users worldwide since July 1st 2022.

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DB Comics Mailbag: 5 Ideas to Celebrate World Incredible HULK Day

World Incredible Hulk Day is celebrated on May 10th. We have some ideas for fans to celebrate the EVENT.

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DB Comics Mailbag: On FLASH APPRECIATION DAY, Pat Shares Five eCards with the League of Heroes

On Flash Appreciation Day, we share five Flash eCards with five Twitter followers.

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DB Comics Mailbag: Follow the TMP Tracker When the Mightiest Punch! Begins on December 31st

This December 31st, The Mightiest Punch! ranking begins.

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DB Comics Mailbag: In 2023, Database Comics Will Provide Comic Book previews Per Partner Agreement

This December, we are offering Comic Book Previews for the fans worldwide.

With our ad campaign for our Warlock and The Infinity Watch #1 preview, we have reached 20,000 or more Facebook and Instagram users.

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DB Comics Mailbag: 5 Ideas To Celebrate This Month

The Mightiest Punch! is under way and we have some ideas for the month.

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DB Comics Mailbag: Support Our #ComicsAreForEverybody Campaign, Five Ways To Collect A Comic

We want to realize the dictum that “everybody can buy a comic.” Help us meet our goal of increasing the fanbase of #digitalreaders and collectors worldwide by collecting feats, battles and on vacation!

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DB Comics Mailbag: Database Comics Is Translated In 10 Languages

In Tutorials, we walk you through how to change the translation of the Database Comics website.

Once applied, it affects the entire website and can be changed. Finally, fans are encouraged to rate the homepage.


DB Comics Mailbag: How To Leave A Review

In our DB Comics Mailbag video, we have a walkthrough on how to leave a review, rate articles and pages on Database Comics.


DB Comics Mailbag: Database Comics Has Officially Incorporated. Just Like That!

On December 22nd, Database Comics officially became Database Comics L.L.C. We have officially incorporated.


DB Comics Mailbag: What Is The #Readonline Campaign?

In November, I realized Database Comics was not providing services that fans are looking for.

While we have had an amazing year with the Battle Ranker, Reviews and Engagements on Facebook and Twitter, our website needs to help fans find what they want.

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DB Comics Mailbag: How To Become A Member And Submit A Wiki

In Wiki Explained, I explain how to register to the member area of the website in order to view wikis.

And fans can submit a wiki on Database Comics with a paid membership.


Power Level Explained: How Power Level Scale and Intelligence Scale Work.

In Power Level Explained, I explain the Power Level Scale and the Intelligence Scale.

I also preview a post on the DC Hierarchy of Intelligence.


Database Comics Walkthrough: How To Navigate The Website

In our video, we explain the site navigation.



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