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Category: DC Comics

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), Superman melts Major Force’s Dilustel Armor.
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Superman, ‘Superman #185’

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), “Superman lands, dazed and confused, in the middle of a little league baseball game in Ohio.” Superman faces the mercenary and black-ops supervillain called… Major Force. […]

The heroes of the DC multiverse battling the Anti-Monitor in one 'final crisis'!
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Happy New Year!

In ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths #12’ titled ‘Final Crisis’, Earth-2 Superman deals the Anti-Monitor in the anti-matter universe with a universe-shattering blow! Is this the mightiest punch in comic book […]

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Who Is Number One?

Fernus The Burning in ‘JLA Trial by Fire’ is a pretty accurate representation of Martian Manhunter when done right without his genetic block psychosomatic repression by fire.