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Battles Of The Week: Wonder Woman vs Genocide

BATTLES OF THE WEEK WONDER WOMAN FIGHTS A BLOODY BATTLE AGAINST THE MENACE OF GENOCIDE! In ‘Wonder Woman’ (2009) #26, Wonder Woman battles Genocide for the first time. AP Photo/DC Comics. Enter the two contestants in Washington D.C. On the left side is Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess and on the right side is Genocide. Let’s look at the stats. […]

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Battles Of The Week: Hawkeye vs Mockingbird

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES: HAWKEYE AND MOCKINGBIRD SUCCUMB TO THE UNDERTAKER MACHINE! In ‘Hawkeye’ (1983) #4, Hawkeye and Mockingbird succumb to Crossfire’s Undertaker Machine into a battle of the sexes. AP Photo/Marvel Comics. Enter the two contestants in the Restwell Funeral Parlour in New York City. On the left side is Hawkeye and on the […]

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Battles Of The Week: Thor vs Exitar The Celestial

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE MIGHTY THOR FACES THE AWESOME POWER OF EXITAR THE CELESTIAL! In ‘Thor’ (1988) #388, Thor faces the awesome power of Exitar the Celestial in order to save Pangoria. AP Photo/Marvel Comics. Enter the two contestants in Pangolia. On the left side is the mighty Thor, the Prince of Asgard and on the right side is […]

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Battles Of The Week: Superman vs Black Adam

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! SUPERMAN VS BLACK ADAM! In ‘Action Comics’ (2005) #831, Superman confronts Black Adam over his protection of the villain Dr. Psycho. AP Photo/DC Comics. Enter the two contestants in Metropolis. On the left side is Superman, the Man of Steel and on the right side is Black Adam, the Champion of […]

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Superman E-Book Commentary On ‘Superman Beyond’ And ‘Final Crisis’

DC DAY IN DC COMICS MAKE A PURCHASE OF MY SUPERMAN E-BOOK ON AMAZON FOR $4.99 AMAZON KDP FREE E-BOOK PREVIEW E-BOOK AMAZON DESCRIPTION ‘Superman, The Greatest Story: How Art Deco Meets Plot Device’ is a commentary on ‘Final Crisis’ and ‘Final Crisis: Superman Beyond.’ Superman continues to inspire millions and the strength of his story is prototypical of the […]

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Feat: Punisher, ‘Punisher: In The Blood’ #5

PUNISHER (FRANK CASTLE)EARTH-616 In ‘Punisher: In The Blood’ (2011) #5 titled “In The Blood, Part Five”, Punisher performs a durability feat. At the end of the battle with Jigsaw, Punisher jumps off a five-story building carrying Jigsaw’s son Henry. How much durability does it take for Punisher to jump off a five-story building carrying Henry? In ‘Punisher: In The Blood’ […]

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Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld

MARVEL DAY SERIES In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics IN MARVEL COMICS SPIDER-MAN IS KIDNAPPED BY A MASSIVE ALIEN STRUCTURE IN CENTRAL PARK In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is […]

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Feat: Hyperion, ‘Avengers’ #4

HYPERION Marcus Milton (Earth-13034) In ‘Avengers’ (2013) #4, titled “The Death and Resurrection of Major Titans”, Hyperion performs a super strength feat. In a flashback, Hyperion’s origin story is told: He survived the destruction of his home world in an incursion event that collapsed two universes together by holding them apart until they eventually collapsed. How much strength does it […]

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Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman’ #80

SUPERMAN (CLARK KENT)NEW EARTH In ‘Superman/Batman’ (2011) #80, titled “World’s Finest Part Two”, Superman performs an energy projection feat. In an attack on the 853rd century and the 21st century, Epoch comes to the 21st century to conquer it. In a battle with Epoch, Superman, Batman and Robin are trapped in Epoch’s Omega Barrier which is the event horizon of […]

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Super Power: Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Is Precognition, A ‘Fight Or Flight’ Response That Warns The Hero Of Danger

SUPER POWER IN MARVEL COMICS A RADIOACTIVE SPIDER BITE GRANTED PETER PARKER THE PROPORTIONATE SUPER POWERS OF A SPIDER TODAY IS NATIONAL BIRD’S DAY. JOIN THE AVIAN WELFARE COALITION! In ‘Amazing Fantasy’ (1962) #15, a young and wimpy high school student from Midtown High named Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider at the General Techtronics Corporation Spider-Man is […]

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Power Level Explained: Superman Shatters Epoch’s Omega Barrier With His Heat Vision

POWER LEVEL In ‘Superman/Batman’ #80, Superman shatters Epoch’s Omega Barrier with his heat vision. AP Photo/DC Comics IN POWER LEVEL EXPLAINED In our video preview for Superman’s feat in ‘Superman/Batman’ #80, we explain how we calculated and rated the feat. *UPDATED POWER LEVEL ENERGY PROJECTION FEAT: GALAXY                         FAN […]

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Battle Ranker Entry Votes

BATTLE RANKER COMPETITION VOTING ENDS DECEMBER 30TH 2021. The Database Comics Battle Ranker Competition officially begins January 29th 2021. On December 11th, are the Battle Ranker Entry Votes by the fans which decide from a pool of 100 characters from DC and 100 characters from Marvel, which Top 100 make it to the Battle Ranker Competition. We have made sure […]