Supreme and Radar

Today we talk about a character that is lesser known. Supreme was created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics as a violent and angry Superman analogue. He was taken over by Alan Moore who created him as a “tribute to [the] Silver Age Superman”. (Supreme)

A bit on his origin.

Supreme, Radar, and Suprema

Ethan Crane, the son by adoption of Joe and Joanne Crane of Littlehaven. Supreme gained his super powers through exposure to Supremium radiation in 1925. “The radiation caused his hair to turn white” and granted him formidable super powers such as:

super strength, flight, invulnerability, super speed, durability, heat vision, ice breath, x-ray vision, energy absorption, atom manipulation, immortality via superhuman adaptation, regeneration, the ability to come back from death, skill with alien technology. (Supreme)

Supreme is vulnerable only to Supremium radiation.

He served in the military during World War II and joined the Allied Supermen of America, the first superhero team. He became a founding member of the Allies, “the premier superhero team of the 1960s”. (Supreme)

SUPER FEAT: Supreme averts floods in India by pushing the continent of Asia “from the path of a tidal wave”

Supreme’s origin story is recounted in “The Origin of Supreme” in Supreme #42.