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Category: Image Day

Image Day 1

Image Day: Jenny Quantum Leads The Authority Against The Government Conspiracy Of Harry Bendix

DC DAY WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. IN IMAGE COMICS IN THE BATTLE AGAINST PAUL REVERE AND THE SONS OF LIBERTY, FALLOUT TRIGGERS AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE In ‘The Authority: Revolution’, the Authority is a victim of a government conspiracy. The Authority has taken over the U.S. government and Paul Revere leads a political […]

Image Day 3

Image Day: Spawn Learns About Necroplasm Magic

IMAGE DAY WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT ON MAGIC IN A FICTIONAL SETTING. IN ORIGINS SPAWN CIA FILES THE HELLSPAWN I was dead and went to Hell. In order to see my wife again, I made a deal with D. It turns out, I bargained more than I could hope for. I became a hellspawn. Using CIA files, I […]

Image Day 10

Image Day: Supreme

Today we talk about a character that is lesser known. Supreme was created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics as a violent and angry Superman analogue. He was taken over by Alan Moore who created him as a “tribute to [the] Silver Age Superman”. (Supreme) A bit on his origin. Ethan Crane, the son by adoption of Joe and Joanne […]