Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman’ #80

SUPERMAN (CLARK KENT)NEW EARTH In 'Superman/Batman' (2011) #80, titled "World's Finest Part Two", Superman performs an energy projection feat. In an attack on the 853rd century and the 21st century, Epoch comes to the 21st century to conquer it. In a battle with Epoch, Superman, Batman and Robin are trapped in Epoch's Omega Barrier which … Continue reading Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman’ #80

DC Day: Time Traveling From The 853rd Century, Hourman Speaks Of The Worlogog, The Hourglass Of The Gods

In 'DC One Million' (1998) #1, Hourman speaks of the Worlogog which grants him "mastery of time and space."

In 'DC One Million' (1998) #1, the Justice Legion Alpha from the 853rd century time travels to the Justice League satellite in the 20th century. What happens next?