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Power Level 0

Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman’ #80

SUPERMAN (CLARK KENT)NEW EARTH In ‘Superman/Batman’ (2011) #80, titled “World’s Finest Part Two”, Superman performs an energy projection feat. In an attack on the 853rd century and the 21st century, Epoch comes to the 21st century to conquer it. In a battle with Epoch, Superman, Batman and Robin are trapped in Epoch’s Omega Barrier which is the event horizon of […]

Power Level 1

Feat: Batman, Batman: Gotham Knights #64

BATMAN (BRUCE WAYNE)NEW EARTH In ‘Batman: Gotham Knights’ (2005) #64, titled ‘Human Nature, Book 4’, Bruce Wayne performs an intelligence feat. In an attempt to free Poison Ivy’s orphans from Zhang’s experiments, Bruce Wayne synthesizes an anti-toxin to render Poison Ivy human. How much intelligence does it take to revert Poison Ivy to her non-toxic human form by degrading her […]

DC Day 0

DC Day: In The ‘Armageddon’ Storyline, The WildC.A.T.s. Rescue Captain Atom Stranded In The DC Multiverse From The WorldStorm

DC DAY IN DC MULTIVERSE CAPTAIN ATOM LANDS IN THE WILDSTORM UNIVERSE In ‘Captain Atom: Armageddon’ (2006) #1, Captain Atom lands in a parallel universe in the DC multiverse: the Wildstorm Universe to presage the Worldstorm. The issue opens with Captain Atom flying the Composite Superman/Batman robot into space in order to bomb a Kryptonite asteroid. On the way, Captain […]

DC Day 0

DC Day: Joker Plans His Birthday Celebration By Gassing The GCPD Precinct With Joker Venom

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC COMICS JOKER SENDS A LETTER TO COMMISSIONER GORDON FOR HIS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION GASSED WITH JOKER VENOM In ‘Batman’ (1980) #321, Joker sends Commissioner Gordon a letter with no return address at the GCPD gassed with Joker Venom. The letter is an invitation to Joker’s birthday celebration […]

Battles Of The Week 1

Battles Of The Week: Batman vs Prometheus

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants on the JLA Watchtower. On the left side, is Batman, the Dark Knight and on the right side, is Prometheus. Let’s look at the stats. CHECK OUT THE ACTION: THOUGHT ROBOT (SUPERMAN) VS MANDRAKK THE FIGHT In ‘JLA’ (2000) #37, the Injustice Gang invades the JLA Watchtower. Batman faces the menace of […]

DC Day 1

DC Day: In ‘Tower Of Babel’, Ra’s Al Ghul Uses Batman’s Mad Science To Take Out The Justice League Of America

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC UNIVERSE WHO STOLE BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS’ COFFINS? In ‘JLA’ #43, Batman discovers the effects of mad science. Visiting his parents’ graves, Bruce Wayne finds out that their graves are empty and their coffins have been stolen. Faced with such a mystery, let’s wonder on the horrors […]

In 'Superman Doomed' (2014) #1, during a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League's communication systems.
Power Level 5

Feat: Lex Luthor, ‘Superman Doomed’ #1

ALEXANDER LUTHOR PRIME-EARTH In ‘Superman Doomed’ (2014) #1, Lex Luthor performs an intelligence feat. The Justice League has to confront the menace of Doomsday that has eradicated a million animals with its spores. During a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League’s communication systems. How much intelligence does it take to […]

Superman and Zod battling with punches and blasts of heat vision in Metropia.
Super power 4

Super Power: Superman’s Immeasurable Heat Vision

SUPER POWER Superman’s heat vision. Today, we talk about heat vision! This is a super power that puts fear into the hearts of friends and foes alike. As we all know, Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton. As Krypton was exploding, his parents, Jor-El and Lara put him on a ship, and set course for Earth, in order […]

In 'Justice League #11' (2011), Green Lantern and Batman in an Oan shield construct, survive the explosion of the Father Box in Gotham City underground sewers.
Power Level 5

Feat: Green Lantern, ‘Justice League #1’

How much durability does it take for an Oan shield light construct to withstand an explosion triggered by a Father Box? GREEN LANTERN WITHSTOOD 1.57 * 10^42 TONS WITH THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING THE EXPLOSION CAUSED BY A FATHER BOX! THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT GENERATED THE EQUIVALENT OF 1.548 * 10^46 N OR 3.69 * […]

In 'Justice League #2' (2011), Superman breaks Green Lantern's Oan light construct with a punch, stunning Green Lantern and Batman.
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Feat: Superman, ‘Justice League #2’

In ‘Justice League #2’ (2011), Superman performed a super-strength feat. Superman faces Green Lantern and Batman for the first time over alien sightings in Gotham City and Metropolis. In the confrontation, Superman breaks Green Lantern’s light construct with a punch. How much strength does it take to shatter a green lantern light construct with a punch?  SUPERMAN UNLEASHED 1.57 * […]

In 'Superman #38', Superman unleashes the super flare for the first time against Ulysses, depleting his cells of solar radiation energy and remaining powerless for 24 hours.
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Feat: Superman, ‘Superman #38’

In ‘Superman #38’ (2015), Superman performs an energy projection feat. Superman unleashes a new super power. In a deadly battle against Ulysses, Superman unleashes… the super flare, depleting the solar radiation energy in his cells and rendering him powerless for 24 hours. How much energy does it take to incinerate a city within a quarter mile radius with the power […]