Power Level Explained: Damage Scale Preview For Hulk vs Wolverine

DB COMICS MAILBAG IN POWER LEVEL EXPLAINED In the DB Comics Mailbag video, I preview the Damage Scale for the Hulk vs Wolverine post. https://www.facebook.com/100485744649148/videos/773369769982496 Database Comics 03/18/2021 FAN REACTION DID YOU LIKE THE 'POWER LEVEL EXPLAINED'? COMMENT TO THIS ARTICLE OR SEND YOUR REACTIONS TO OUR CONTACT PAGE.

Feat: Karate Kid, ‘Karate Kid’ #1

KARATE KID (VAL ARMORR)PRE-ZERO HOUR In 'Karate Kid' (1976) #1, titled "My World Begins In Yesterday," Karate Kid performs a fighting skills feat. Karate Kid trails Nemesis Kid in the 20th century with the help of Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Super Heroes. As Karate Kid storms through Future Tech, he fights seven armed … Continue reading Feat: Karate Kid, ‘Karate Kid’ #1