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Power Level 0

Feat: Green Lantern (John Stewart), ‘JLA’ #87

GREEN LANTERN (JOHN STEWART)NEW EARTH In ‘JLA’ (2003) #87, titled “Trial By Fire, Part 4,” Green Lantern (John Stewart) performs an energy projection feat. With the JLA destroyed by Fernus The Burning, Green Lantern (John Stewart) teleports from Ganthet and tears apart Fernus. How much energy projection does it take to tear apart Fernus? GREEN LANTERN (JOHN STEWART) TORE FERNUS […]

Battles Of The Week 1

Battles Of The Week: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs Mongul I

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants in Engine City. On the right side is Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), the Emerald Knight and on the right side is Mongul I. Let’s look at the stats. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) – New Earth SUPER-STRENGTH: CONTINENT SUPER SPEED: COSMIC DURABILITY: PLANETARY ENERGY PROJECTION: SOLAR SYSTEM FIGHTING SKILLS: COSMIC INTELLIGENCE: LEADER PARAPHERNALIA […]

DC Day 1

DC Day: In ‘Tower Of Babel’, Ra’s Al Ghul Uses Batman’s Mad Science To Take Out The Justice League Of America

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC UNIVERSE WHO STOLE BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS’ COFFINS? In ‘JLA’ #43, Batman discovers the effects of mad science. Visiting his parents’ graves, Bruce Wayne finds out that their graves are empty and their coffins have been stolen. Faced with such a mystery, let’s wonder on the horrors […]

In 'Superman Doomed' (2014) #1, during a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League's communication systems.
Power Level 4

Feat: Lex Luthor, ‘Superman Doomed’ #1

ALEXANDER LUTHOR PRIME-EARTH In ‘Superman Doomed’ (2014) #1, Lex Luthor performs an intelligence feat. The Justice League has to confront the menace of Doomsday that has eradicated a million animals with its spores. During a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League’s communication systems. How much intelligence does it take to […]

In 'Justice League #11' (2011), Green Lantern and Batman in an Oan shield construct, survive the explosion of the Father Box in Gotham City underground sewers.
Power Level 5

Feat: Green Lantern, ‘Justice League #1’

How much durability does it take for an Oan shield light construct to withstand an explosion triggered by a Father Box? GREEN LANTERN WITHSTOOD 1.57 * 10^42 TONS WITH THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING THE EXPLOSION CAUSED BY A FATHER BOX! THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT GENERATED THE EQUIVALENT OF 1.548 * 10^46 N OR 3.69 * […]

In 'Justice League #2' (2011), Superman breaks Green Lantern's Oan light construct with a punch, stunning Green Lantern and Batman.
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Feat: Superman, ‘Justice League #2’

In ‘Justice League #2’ (2011), Superman performed a super-strength feat. Superman faces Green Lantern and Batman for the first time over alien sightings in Gotham City and Metropolis. In the confrontation, Superman breaks Green Lantern’s light construct with a punch. How much strength does it take to shatter a green lantern light construct with a punch?  SUPERMAN UNLEASHED 1.57 * […]

DC Day 3

DC Day: Green Lantern Corps

Today, we talk about the Green Lantern Corps! The Green Lantern Corps is an inter-galactic police force set up by the Guardians of the Universe. The origin of the Green Lantern Corps is told in History of the DC Universe. Following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Harbinger gathers data on the Monitor’s files in order to tell the […]