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Battles Of The Week 3

Battles Of The Week: Superman vs Black Adam

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! SUPERMAN VS BLACK ADAM! In ‘Action Comics’ (2005) #831, Superman confronts Black Adam over his protection of the villain Dr. Psycho. AP Photo/DC Comics. Enter the two contestants in Metropolis. On the left side is Superman, the Man of Steel and on the right side is Black Adam, the Champion of […]

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Feat: White Lantern Corps, ‘Blackest Night’ #8

WHITE LANTERN CORPSNEW EARTH In ‘Blackest Night’ (2010) #8, titled “Blackest Night, Part 8”, the White Lantern Corps performs an energy projection feat. In a battle to the death with Nekron, Lord of the Unliving, Hal Jordan and the White Lantern Corps pulverizes Nekron with a powerful blast of white light of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. How much energy projection […]

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Battles Of The Week: Doomsday vs Darkseid

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants on Apokolips. On the left side, is Doomsday, the Ultimate and on the right side is Darkseid, the God of Evil. Let’s look at the stats. Doomsday – New Earth SUPER-STRENGTH: BOUNDLESS SUPER-SPEED: STELLAR DURABILITY: UNIVERSAL ENERGY PROJECTION: STELLAR FIGHTING SKILLS: WARRIOR MADNESS INTELLIGENCE: ADAPTIVE EVOLUTION PARAPHERNALIA None. WEAKNESSES Entropy. Darkseid – […]

In 'Superman/Batman #10' (2004), Superman vaporizes an army of Dr. Bedlam's Doomsday "animates" with a wide intensity blast of heat vision on Themyscira.
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Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman #10’

In ‘Superman/Batman #10’, Superman performs an energy projection feat. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Amazons battle an invasion from Apokolips. Superman faces, an army of Dr. Bedlam’s estimated… 3,000 Doomsday “animates”. How much energy does it take to melt 3,000 Doomsday “animates”? SUPERMAN VAPORIZED 837 TONS OF 3,000 H-BOMBS CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING EACH LESS THAN “A FORCE EQUAL TO […]

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), Superman melts Major Force’s Dilustel Armor.
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Feat: Superman, ‘Superman #185’

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), Superman performs an energy projection feat. “Superman lands, dazed and confused, in the middle of a little league baseball game in Ohio.” Superman faces the mercenary and black-ops supervillain called… Major Force. How much energy does it take to melt Dilustel Armor with heat vision? SUPERMAN MELTED 118 KG OF DILUSTEL ARMOR WITH THE POWER OF […]