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In 'Superman Doomed' (2014) #1, during a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League's communication systems.
Power Level 5

Feat: Lex Luthor, ‘Superman Doomed’ #1

ALEXANDER LUTHOR PRIME-EARTH In ‘Superman Doomed’ (2014) #1, Lex Luthor performs an intelligence feat. The Justice League has to confront the menace of Doomsday that has eradicated a million animals with its spores. During a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League’s communication systems. How much intelligence does it take to […]

In 'Thor #327', Thor lifts the Midgard Serpent with a bait, uncoiling from the Earth.
Power Level 5

Feat: Thor, ‘Thor’ #327

SUPER-STRENGTH FEAT: PLANETARY                         For more information on potential energy, visit the Omni-Calculator. For our database entries on Marvel Power Levels, visit the Marvel page! Head over to ‘The Marvel 2018 Reboot: New Origins!’ by Comics Explained. VISIT OUR CALCULATIONS!  

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), Superman melts Major Force’s Dilustel Armor.
Power Level 1

Feat: Superman, ‘Superman #185’

In ‘Superman #185’ (2002), Superman performs an energy projection feat. “Superman lands, dazed and confused, in the middle of a little league baseball game in Ohio.” Superman faces the mercenary and black-ops supervillain called… Major Force. How much energy does it take to melt Dilustel Armor with heat vision? SUPERMAN MELTED 118 KG OF DILUSTEL ARMOR WITH THE POWER OF […]

DC Day 2

DC Day: Super Flare vs Black Hole

Can a Super Flare Defeat a Black Hole? In Superman #38, Superman in his battle with Ulysses unleashes the super flare, that releases all the energy stored in his cells and makes him human for 24 hours. From IGN: In the pages of today’s Superman #38, Superman’s discovered he has a new “super flare” power where he expels all of the energy […]

Super power 1

Super Power: Super-Strength

What super power do you want? Today, we take a look at super strength. In DC comics, there what is called the “superhero brick type”, an assortment of Superman-type characters that have various powers such as super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, and energy projection. These characters include Superman, Captain Marvel/Shazam, and Martian Manhunter, as well as members of the Captain Marvel family. In the case of Captain Marvel, his super strength is a gift of the Olympian gods. He is blessed with the powers of the gods by speaking the name SHAZAM which stands for the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles and the Speed of […]