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Category: Marvel Day

Marvel Day 0

Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld

MARVEL DAY SERIES In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics IN MARVEL COMICS SPIDER-MAN IS KIDNAPPED BY A MASSIVE ALIEN STRUCTURE IN CENTRAL PARK In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is […]

Marvel Day 1

Marvel Day: In The Dark Dimension, Vision Confesses His Love, Saves Then Marries The Scarlet Witch

MARVEL DAY IN MARVEL COMICS VISION RECLAIMS THE IDENTITY OF THE ROBOTIC WORLD WAR II SYNTHEZOID THE HUMAN TORCH In ‘Giant Size Avengers’ #4, Vision ponders his origin as he attempts to save Scarlet Witch from Dormammu and his sister Umar. The Vision discovered that he was not originally Ultron’s creation, designed by the android to infiltrate and dismantle the […]

Marvel Day 0

Marvel Day: Luke Skywalker Takes On Darth Vader

MARVEL DAY IN MARVEL COMICS LUKE SKYWALKER IN A LIGHT SABER DUEL AGAINST DARTH VADER In ‘Star Wars’ #2, Luke Skywalker faces the terrifying menace of Darth Vader. Having freed slaves on a mission to dismantle the Empire’s weapons operations on Cymoon 1, Luke Skywalker encounters Darth Vader on his way. Faced with the menace of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker […]

In 'Annihilation' (2006) #2, Galactus and Silver Surfer are imprisoned on "The Skrull Reach", Thanos' starship.
Marvel Comics 2

Marvel Day: The Annihilation Wave Imprisons Galactus

MARVEL DAY IN MULTIVERSE The Annihilation Wave The Annihilation Wave progresses on its march, leaving behind a path of destruction that threatens the multiverse. Annihilus, a monster from the Negative Zone felt that the expansion of the multiverse to the Negative Zone warranted his conquest. Now, he wants to destroy everything! Annihilus’ Master Plan When the universe was young, Galactus […]

Marvel Comics 1

Marvel Day: Who Are The New Mutants?

MARVEL DAY IN ORIGINS WHO ARE THE NEW MUTANTS? By Betty Brant “We are living in the sixth Age of Homo Superior, the Sextant!” These are the words of Sunspot, leader of the mutant super-powered team, the New Mutants. Sitting during our interview on the mutant island nation of Krakoa, I am mesmerized by the paradisiacal feel of it all! […]

Marvel Day 2

Marvel Day: Dr. Strange

Hi guys! After a long hiatus, we pick things back up with one of the most under-celebrated characters in all of comic-dom! He just got a new movie green-lit! He has starred in two ‘Avengers’ movies to date, and has had a solo movie that has performed well with general audiences! Without further ado, I present, Dr. Strange! Dr. Strange’s […]

Marvel Day 5

Marvel Day: The Power Cosmic

Today is Marvel Day! Yay! Today, we talk about an important super power in the Marvel universe, an ambient cosmic energy called The Power Cosmic. The origin of The Power Cosmic is told in the Galactus Trilogy (1966). It is associated with a powerful figure, the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. The Galactus Trilogy (1966) tells of the origin of Galactus. […]