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Tag: FTL

In 'Justice League #6' (2012), Cyborg uses the power of the Father Box that is bonded to his interface to close the Boom Tubes and send Darkseid back to Apokolips, ending the invasion. (Photo/DC Comics)
Power Level 1

Feat: Cyborg, ‘Justice League #6’

CYBORG (Victor Stone) PRIME EARTH In ‘Justice League #6’ (2012), Cyborg performs an energy projection feat. Cyborg faces the menaces of Darkseid and the parademons. During the invasion of Prime Earth, Cyborg uses the Father Box bonded to his interface to close the Boom Tubes on Earth and send Darkseid and the parademons back to Apokolips, ending the invasion of […]

In 'Justice League #11' (2011), Green Lantern and Batman in an Oan shield construct, survive the explosion of the Father Box in Gotham City underground sewers.
Power Level 5

Feat: Green Lantern, ‘Justice League #1’

How much durability does it take for an Oan shield light construct to withstand an explosion triggered by a Father Box? GREEN LANTERN WITHSTOOD 1.57 * 10^42 TONS WITH THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING THE EXPLOSION CAUSED BY A FATHER BOX! THE OAN SHIELD LIGHT CONSTRUCT GENERATED THE EQUIVALENT OF 1.548 * 10^46 N OR 3.69 * […]

In 'Justice League #2' (2011), Superman breaks Green Lantern's Oan light construct with a punch, stunning Green Lantern and Batman.
Power Level 2

Feat: Superman, ‘Justice League #2’

In ‘Justice League #2’ (2011), Superman performed a super-strength feat. Superman faces Green Lantern and Batman for the first time over alien sightings in Gotham City and Metropolis. In the confrontation, Superman breaks Green Lantern’s light construct with a punch. How much strength does it take to shatter a green lantern light construct with a punch?  SUPERMAN UNLEASHED 1.57 * […]