Feat: Aquaman, ‘JLA’ #118

AQUAMAN (ARTHUR CURRY)NEW EARTH In 'JLA' (2006) #118, titled "Crisis of Conscience: Part Four", Aquaman performs a super strength feat. Despero has restored the Secret Society of Super Villains' memory of the Justice League of America's secret identities. With the Justice League of America occupied, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter take on Despero. During the fight, … Continue reading Feat: Aquaman, ‘JLA’ #118

Battles Of The Week: Batman vs Prometheus

BATTLES OF THE WEEK https://twitter.com/ClarkJosephKe11/status/1318217316698652673?s=20 In 'JLA' (2000) #37, the Injustice Gang invades the JLA Watchtower. Batman faces Prometheus. Photo/DC Comics Enter the two contestants on the JLA Watchtower. On the left side, is Batman, the Dark Knight and on the right side, is Prometheus. Let's look at the stats. BATMAN - NEW EARTH SUPER-STRENGTH: … Continue reading Battles Of The Week: Batman vs Prometheus