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Battles Of The Week 2

Battles Of The Week: Batman vs Prometheus

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants on the JLA Watchtower. On the left side, is Batman, the Dark Knight and on the right side, is Prometheus. Let’s look at the stats. CHECK OUT THE ACTION: THOUGHT ROBOT (SUPERMAN) VS MANDRAKK THE FIGHT In ‘JLA’ (2000) #37, the Injustice Gang invades the JLA Watchtower. Batman faces the menace of […]

Battles Of The Week 7

Battles Of The Week: Black Panther vs. Captain America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK An encounter for the ages! The Protector of Wakanda vs. The Super-Soldier. We present to you, the second encounter in Earth-616 continuity between Captain America and Black Panther! Enter the two contestants! Let’s look at the stats! On the left side, is T’Challa, the King of Wakanda and its Protector as the… Black Panther. BLACK PANTHER […]