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Battles Of The Week 0

Battles Of The Week: Wonder Woman vs Genocide

BATTLES OF THE WEEK WONDER WOMAN FIGHTS A BLOODY BATTLE AGAINST THE MENACE OF GENOCIDE! In ‘Wonder Woman’ (2009) #26, Wonder Woman battles Genocide for the first time. AP Photo/DC Comics. Enter the two contestants in Washington D.C. On the left side is Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess and on the right side is Genocide. Let’s look at the stats. […]

DC Day 1

DC Day: In ‘Tower Of Babel’, Ra’s Al Ghul Uses Batman’s Mad Science To Take Out The Justice League Of America

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC UNIVERSE WHO STOLE BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS’ COFFINS? In ‘JLA’ #43, Batman discovers the effects of mad science. Visiting his parents’ graves, Bruce Wayne finds out that their graves are empty and their coffins have been stolen. Faced with such a mystery, let’s wonder on the horrors […]

In 'Superman Doomed' (2014) #1, during a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League's communication systems.
Power Level 5

Feat: Lex Luthor, ‘Superman Doomed’ #1

ALEXANDER LUTHOR PRIME-EARTH In ‘Superman Doomed’ (2014) #1, Lex Luthor performs an intelligence feat. The Justice League has to confront the menace of Doomsday that has eradicated a million animals with its spores. During a Justice League meeting in an emergency bunker in Washington D.C., Lex Luthor hacks the Justice League’s communication systems. How much intelligence does it take to […]

In 'JLA/Avengers' (2003) #2, with DC and Marvel champions seeking to gather artifacts to save their respective universes, Wonder Woman restrains Hercules.
Power Level 2

Feat: Wonder Woman, ‘Avengers/JLA’ #2

WONDER WOMAN (DIANA OF THEMYSCIRA) NEW EARTH In ‘Avengers/JLA’ (2003) #2 titled “A Contest of Champions”, Wonder Woman performs a fighting-skills feat. In a game between the GrandMaster and Krona, the JLA and the Avengers seek to gather artifacts to save their respective universes. On Asgard with Aquaman to retrieve the Eternity book, Wonder Woman restrains Hercules. How much fighting […]

In 'Superman/Batman #10' (2004), Superman vaporizes an army of Dr. Bedlam's Doomsday "animates" with a wide intensity blast of heat vision on Themyscira.
Power Level 3

Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman #10’

In ‘Superman/Batman #10’, Superman performs an energy projection feat. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Amazons battle an invasion from Apokolips. Superman faces, an army of Dr. Bedlam’s estimated… 3,000 Doomsday “animates”. How much energy does it take to melt 3,000 Doomsday “animates”? SUPERMAN VAPORIZED 837 TONS OF 3,000 H-BOMBS CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING EACH LESS THAN “A FORCE EQUAL TO […]

Battles Of The Week 18

Comic Book Battles: Superman vs. Wonder Woman

BY FEATS (Post-Crisis and Flashpoint) SUPER-STRENGTH SUPERMAN Sundipped Superman pushes Warworld against Faster-Than-Light thrusters Throws a small sun and mini solar system WONDER WOMAN Stops a rock from falling in mid-air Lifts The Spectre with Superman, the infinite weight of eternity SUPER-SPEED SUPERMAN Superman can detect and easily see things moving Faster-Than-Light Superman can race with speeding photons/light WONDER WOMAN […]