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Battles Of The Week 1

Battles Of The Week: Storm vs Pyro

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants, Storm, the African goddess and Pyro, of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Let’s look at the stats. Storm – Earth-811 SUPER-STRENGTH: ATHLETE SUPER-SPEED: SONIC DURABILITY: ATHLETE ENERGY PROJECTION: CONTINENT FIGHTING-SKILLS: METAHUMAN INTELLIGENCE: FIELD EXPERIENCE PARAPHERNALIA Lock picks. Cameo Crystal: Allows to get to the M’Rinn dimension. X-Men Blackbird. Avengers Quinjet. Wakandan aircrafts. […]

Marvel Comics 1

Marvel Day: Who Are The New Mutants?

MARVEL DAY IN ORIGINS WHO ARE THE NEW MUTANTS? By Betty Brant “We are living in the sixth Age of Homo Superior, the Sextant!” These are the words of Sunspot, leader of the mutant super-powered team, the New Mutants. Sitting during our interview on the mutant island nation of Krakoa, I am mesmerized by the paradisiacal feel of it all! […]