“Superman: Man Of Tomorrow (Blu-ray)” Review


In "Superman: Man Of Tomorrow", Clark Kent discovers he is an alien from the planet Krypton and that Lobo and Parasite are on the hunt. AP Photo/WarnerBrothers.
In “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”, Clark Kent discovers he is an alien from the planet Krypton and that he has enemies. AP Photo/WarnerBrothers.


The re-introduction of Superman for a new decade of DC story-telling and animation. “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow” succeeds in revamping the DC Animated Movie Universe and is sure to launch a new line of DC Animated Movies. Gift this Blu-ray to your family, children and friends as an appreciation of their fandom and their love for the enduring symbol that is Superman! Available on Amazon.

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This Blu-ray is the launch for the revamp of the DC Animated Universe. The Animated Movie distills Superman to those elements that make the character work: the farm boy origin, the good nature of the character, Superman’s belief in humanity, as well as his unquestionable power. At the same time, it updates the character for a younger audience by presenting themes of xenophobia, alienation and social isolation.

Do not miss the battle between Superman and Lobo, which is sure to rock the skies and show a Superman unlike we have ever seen before! Superman is being hunted and there may be little hope left for the Last Son Of Krypton.

This Blu-ray is the Blu-ray to own if you want to share your Superman fandom with family and friends. It caters to the sensibilities of younger audiences and presents a Superman who is a bit more relatable. It is definitely worth its price and will leave you wanting for more Superman! And Lobo!

The Blu-Ray and DVD formats are highly recommended. The Blu-Ray comprises two discs and also includes a Digital Combo Pack that allows to stream the Animated Movie.

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This Blu-Ray showcases “Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow”. One good feature of this Blu-Ray is that it is available in different prices. The Blu-Ray is available for Free delivery for New and Used with Amazon Prime. It is published by WarnerBrothers.


This Blu-Ray has another feature. One good feature of this Blu-Ray is that it is available on Amazon Prime Video for Rent and Buy.


  • “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow” (2020).
  • Publisher: WarnerBrothers.
  • Blu-Ray and Digital Combo Pack formats.
  • Amazon Prime Video Buy and Rent options.
  • Publication Date: September 8, 2020.

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This is a successful revamp of the DC Animated Movie Universe. Superman is revealed as an alien who can’t seem to fit in, though his humanity keeps him grounded. Superman’s supporting cast is strong. The relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane is strong and is established firmly on their professional relationship and their friendship.

Superman is re-introduced in a resounding way and when Superman appears in costume for the first time, the Man of Tomorrow has arrived! This Blu-Ray is important because of its visual style and its story-telling. The new visual direction fits well with the tone of the story, and does away with unnecessarily exaggerated lines and figures. The characters are slim, pointy and drawn in a new animated style.

This product is well reviewed and has 4,451 ratings with an average customer review rating of 4.5 out of 5. There seems to be a great satisfaction with the product.

One customer review said: “This marvelous latest reboot of superman into the present age is made even more stunning by the 4K, HDR, and DTS-HD. The 4K allows crystal sharpness even on large screens (such as my 120″ projection screen), the HDR provides wonderful deep contrasting colors, and the DTS-HD surround sound (in my 7.1 system) is theater quality. For all those who love superman and his cast of iconic characters, this reboot is just wonderful.”

The reviews were overall very positive with only 60 negative reviews. Problems cited by one negative review were with the formats: “It advertises the Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo. I received just the Blu Ray. Customer Service chat could not seem to understand what I was saying. Many of these I end up watching via the Digital, so there IS a difference. Still, a decent price for just the Blu ray but I was frustrated.”

Overall, this Blu-Ray was very good.



  • Availability in multiple formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Combo Pack formats.
  • Affordable price of Amazon Prime Video for Rent.
  • 60% discount.
  • Amazon’s Choice.
  • Good Customer Review Ratings.


  • The DVD is expensive.


We recommend this Blu-Ray as a successful revamp of the DC Animated Movie Universe.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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