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“Fear Itself: Avengers Academy” Review



Avengers Academy (2011) #16. Marvel Comics.


One of the best Avengers stories. Gift this comic to your family and friends on the occasions of birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Available on Amazon.

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Collects Avengers Academy #14-20 & 14.1.

During his dark reign, Norman Osborn attempted to mold super-powered teens to further his twisted agenda. so the earth’s Mightiest Heroes created the Avengers Academy to reverse his influence on these impressionable heroes. but what happened to the young men and women who weren’t enrolled? Will friendship bloom or will fists fly when this year’s Avengers Academy students meet the kids who didn’t make the cut? then, as Fear Itself engulfs the Academy, the teachers must battle not one, but two hammer-wielders at the same time!

Critically, Fear Itself: Avengers Academy is a hopeful Avengers story. Importantly, it deals with Hank Pym’s legacy and the Avengers Academy. As Hank attempts to raise the next generation of superheroes, a mighty Asgardian threat arises.

Together, Nexus-Award winner writer Christos N. Gage and penciler Tom Raney collaborate on the work. Really, the writing shines on the superhero genre with the Avengers’ dream of a better future.

Indeed, the art in the book is characteristic of Marvel Comics post-Civil War: colorful, larger than life and forward-thinking. Moreover, Giant Man vs Absorbing Man.

Indeed, share this comic to fans of the Avengers and at high school graduations. Definitely, it is worth its price and will leave you wanting for more Giant Man!

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This comic showcases Fear Itself: Avengers Academy. One good feature of this comic is that it is available in Kindle & Comixology format. It is published by Marvel Comics.


This comic has another feature. Another good feature of this comic is that it is available in Hardcover and Paperback formats. It is published by Marvel Comics.


  • Publisher: Marvel Comics.
  • Language: English.
  • Print Length: 185 pages.
  • Hardcover format available.
  • Publication Date: October 10, 2012.

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To begin, this comic revealed the promise of Marvel Earth post-Civil War. Really, Hank Pym’s Avengers Academy is a diverse group of youngsters eager to make a difference. Dangerously, the Serpent endows seven Worthy with Asgardian hammers to destroy the world.

This comic is part of the Fear Itself event. Though reading the two previous volumes is recommended. And Christos N. Gage’s run on Avengers Academy is available in a 6 book series.

The comic is good for your collection. You will definitely love the ensemble casts, the efforts to reduce collateral damage and the big-sized two to five panel layouts. This is the comic to own in order to build your Kindle & Comixology collection.

This product has 20 global ratings with an average customer review rating of 4.8 out of 5.


The customer review said: “Not enough people read this series. It has some of the strongest new Marvel characters in years, while featuring some of my long time personal favorites, such as Hank Pym, Tigra, and Quicksilver.

If you’re not a fan of the Fear Itself books don’t let that dissuade you. Even though it’s a part of the Fear Itself story arc, it can easily stand alone, focusing more on the relationships of the Avengers Academy students. That being said you should read the previous two volumes of Avengers Academy before reading this one. The writing is top notch as always and the art is great.”


There are 0 negative reviews. Overall, this comic was great.



  • Kindle & Comixology format available.
  • Hardcover and Paperback formats available.
  • Fear Itself event.
  • Strong and connected story arcs.


  • Not enough customer review ratings.


I recommend this comic as the most promising Avengers series post-Civil War.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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