Feat: Karate Kid, ‘Karate Kid’ #1

KARATE KID (VAL ARMORR)PRE-ZERO HOUR In 'Karate Kid' (1976) #1, titled "My World Begins In Yesterday," Karate Kid performs a fighting skills feat. Karate Kid trails Nemesis Kid in the 20th century with the help of Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Super Heroes. As Karate Kid storms through Future Tech, he fights seven armed … Continue reading Feat: Karate Kid, ‘Karate Kid’ #1

Marvel Day: Who Are The New Mutants?

MARVEL DAY In 'New Mutants' (2020) #1, the New Mutants embark on a space-faring adventure. Photo/Marvel Comics IN ORIGINS WHO ARE THE NEW MUTANTS? By Betty Brant "We are living in the sixth Age of Homo Superior, the Sextant!" These are the words of Sunspot, leader of the mutant super-powered team, the New Mutants. Sitting … Continue reading Marvel Day: Who Are The New Mutants?