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Marvel Day 0

Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld

MARVEL DAY SERIES In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics IN MARVEL COMICS SPIDER-MAN IS KIDNAPPED BY A MASSIVE ALIEN STRUCTURE IN CENTRAL PARK In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is […]

Power Level 0

Feat: Hulk, ‘Infinity’#6

HULK (BRUCE BANNER)EARTH-616 In ‘Infinity’ (2014) #6, titled ‘Amber’, Hulk performs a super strength feat. During the ‘Infinity’ saga, Thanos has invaded Earth in search of his Inhuman son, Thane. Hulk and the Avengers battle Thanos and his army at the Inhuman city of Orollan. During the battle, Proxima Midnight hits Hulk with the weight of a star until he […]

Marvel Day 1

Marvel Day: In The Dark Dimension, Vision Confesses His Love, Saves Then Marries The Scarlet Witch

MARVEL DAY IN MARVEL COMICS VISION RECLAIMS THE IDENTITY OF THE ROBOTIC WORLD WAR II SYNTHEZOID THE HUMAN TORCH In ‘Giant Size Avengers’ #4, Vision ponders his origin as he attempts to save Scarlet Witch from Dormammu and his sister Umar. The Vision discovered that he was not originally Ultron’s creation, designed by the android to infiltrate and dismantle the […]

Battles Of The Week 5

Battles Of The Week: Black Panther vs. Captain America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK An encounter for the ages! The Protector of Wakanda vs. The Super-Soldier. We present to you, the second encounter in Earth-616 continuity between Captain America and Black Panther! Enter the two contestants! Let’s look at the stats! On the left side, is T’Challa, the King of Wakanda and its Protector as the… Black Panther. BLACK PANTHER […]