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Tag: Earth-616

Power Level 1

Feat: Cyclops, ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #115

CYCLOPS (SCOTT SUMMERS)EARTH-616 In ‘Uncanny X-Men’ (1978) #115, titled “Visions of Death!”, Cyclops performs an energy projection feat. The human-pteranodon hybrid super-villain named Sauron puts Wolverine under hypnotic control to attack Cyclops and Nightcrawler while Storm lies on the floor unconscious. During the fight, Cyclops knocks out Wolverine with an optic blast. How much energy projection does it take for […]

Battles Of The Week 1

Battles Of The Week: Thor vs Hercules

BATTLES OF THE WEEK Enter the two contestants on a “deserted, battle-scarred planet.” On the left side, is Thor, and on the right side, is Hercules. Let’s look at the stats. Thor – Earth-616 SUPER-STRENGTH: PLANETARY SUPER-SPEED: STELLAR DURABILITY: STELLAR ENERGY PROJECTION: GALAXY FIGHTING SKILLS: WARRIOR INTELLIGENCE: LEADER PARAPHERNALIA Mjolnir. Megingjord. The Odinship. WEAKNESSES Warrior’s Madness. Hercules – Earth-616 SUPER-STRENGTH: […]

In 'Thor #327', Thor lifts the Midgard Serpent with a bait, uncoiling from the Earth.
Power Level 5

Feat: Thor, ‘Thor’ #327

SUPER-STRENGTH FEAT: PLANETARY                         For more information on potential energy, visit the Omni-Calculator. For our database entries on Marvel Power Levels, visit the Marvel page! Head over to ‘The Marvel 2018 Reboot: New Origins!’ by Comics Explained. VISIT OUR CALCULATIONS!