Battle Ranker Competition Match-Up #12

BATTLE RANKER The Competition We Rank Your Favorite Superhero... Or Villain We rank your favorite superheroes or villains in the Battle Ranker. Vote on our Twitter poll to determine your favorite superhero's or villain's Battle Rank! Round 1: Match-Up #12 in the Battle Ranker Competition is Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onnz) vs Hyperion (Marcus Milton) from … Continue reading Battle Ranker Competition Match-Up #12

Feat: Hyperion, ‘Avengers’ #4

HYPERION Marcus Milton (Earth-13034) In 'Avengers' (2013) #4, titled "The Death and Resurrection of Major Titans", Hyperion performs a super strength feat. In a flashback, Hyperion's origin story is told: He survived the destruction of his home world in an incursion event that collapsed two universes together by holding them apart until they eventually collapsed. … Continue reading Feat: Hyperion, ‘Avengers’ #4