Image Day Series: WILDC.A.T.s. Face The Kherubim/Daemonite War

Many members of WildC.A.T.s. are Kherubim warriors.

IMAGE DAY SERIES The WildC.A.T.s. AP Photo/Image Comics IN CRISES THE KHERUBIM/DAEMONITE WAR You may have seen the TV show in the '90s: Spartan, Grifter, Zealot, Warblade and Co. participate in a war between two alien races. In Season 1 Episode 6, Majestyk awakens from a stasis pod. He immediately assumes command of the WildC.A.T.s. … Continue reading Image Day Series: WILDC.A.T.s. Face The Kherubim/Daemonite War

“Invincible Compendium” Vol. 1 Review

PRODUCT REVIEWS Invincible flying. AP Photo/Image Comics. IN READING GUIDES, LISTS, REVIEWS Invincible is the spectacular superhero for the new generation. Gift this comic to your family and friends as an appreciation of their high school and college relationships and frienships! Available on Amazon. Click on the Amazon product image below to purchase the comic. … Continue reading “Invincible Compendium” Vol. 1 Review

Image Day: Supreme

Supreme and Radar Today we talk about a character that is lesser known. Supreme was created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics as a violent and angry Superman analogue. He was taken over by Alan Moore who created him as a "tribute to [the] Silver Age Superman". (Supreme) A bit on his origin. Supreme, Radar, … Continue reading Image Day: Supreme