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Tag: Justice League of America

Power Level 0

Feat: Aquaman, ‘JLA’ #118

AQUAMAN (ARTHUR CURRY)NEW EARTH In ‘JLA’ (2006) #118, titled “Crisis of Conscience: Part Four”, Aquaman performs a super strength feat. Despero has restored the Secret Society of Super Villains’ memory of the Justice League of America’s secret identities. With the Justice League of America occupied, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter take on Despero. During the fight, Aquaman punches Despero out of […]

Battles Of The Week 0

Battles Of The Week: Amazo vs The Justice League Of America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK ‘Justice League Of America’ (2008) #23 SYNOPSIS Amazo awakens in the Red Tornado’s body and goes hunting the Justice League of America. CHECK OUT THE ACTION: BATMAN VS PROMOTHEUS THE FIGHT In ‘Justice League Of America’ (2008) #23, the Justice League of America fights Amazo on the Justice League Watchtower. Amazo in Red Tornado’s body is […]

Power Level 0

Feat: Green Lantern (John Stewart), ‘JLA’ #87

GREEN LANTERN (JOHN STEWART)NEW EARTH In ‘JLA’ (2003) #87, titled “Trial By Fire, Part 4,” Green Lantern (John Stewart) performs an energy projection feat. With the JLA destroyed by Fernus The Burning, Green Lantern (John Stewart) teleports from Ganthet and tears apart Fernus. How much energy projection does it take to tear apart Fernus? GREEN LANTERN (JOHN STEWART) TORE FERNUS […]

DC Day 1

DC Day: In ‘Tower Of Babel’, Ra’s Al Ghul Uses Batman’s Mad Science To Take Out The Justice League Of America

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. DC DAY IN DC UNIVERSE WHO STOLE BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS’ COFFINS? In ‘JLA’ #43, Batman discovers the effects of mad science. Visiting his parents’ graves, Bruce Wayne finds out that their graves are empty and their coffins have been stolen. Faced with such a mystery, let’s wonder on the horrors […]