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Tag: Marvel Day

Marvel Day 2

Marvel Day: Dr. Strange

Hi guys! After a long hiatus, we pick things back up with one of the most under-celebrated characters in all of comic-dom! He just got a new movie green-lit! He has starred in two ‘Avengers’ movies to date, and has had a solo movie that has performed well with general audiences! Without further ado, I present, Dr. Strange! Dr. Strange’s […]

Marvel Day 5

Marvel Day: The Power Cosmic

Today is Marvel Day! Yay! Today, we talk about an important super power in the Marvel universe, an ambient cosmic energy called The Power Cosmic. The origin of The Power Cosmic is told in the Galactus Trilogy (1966). It is associated with a powerful figure, the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. The Galactus Trilogy (1966) tells of the origin of Galactus. […]