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In 'Action Comics' (2008) #866, Superman makes first contact with a Brainiac probe.
DC Day 1

DC Day: In A First Contact With Superman And Supergirl, Brainiac Invades Earth

In ‘Action Comics (2008) #866, Superman comes in contact with one of Brainiac’s robotic probes near Metropolis. What happens next?

In 'Superman/Batman #10' (2004), Superman vaporizes an army of Dr. Bedlam's Doomsday "animates" with a wide intensity blast of heat vision on Themyscira.
Power Level 3

Feat: Superman, ‘Superman/Batman #10’

In ‘Superman/Batman #10’, Superman performs an energy projection feat. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Amazons battle an invasion from Apokolips. Superman faces, an army of Dr. Bedlam’s estimated… 3,000 Doomsday “animates”. How much energy does it take to melt 3,000 Doomsday “animates”? SUPERMAN VAPORIZED 837 TONS OF 3,000 H-BOMBS CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING EACH LESS THAN “A FORCE EQUAL TO […]