A blue Krypton in space from "The Man of Steel" storyline.

Today, is Krypton Friday! We talk about an awesome Kryptonian technology: the sunstone crystals! If you are familiar with the Superman mythos, it is the material used by Superman to create the Fortress of Solitude in ‘Action Comics #840‘ titled ‘Up, Up, and Away!’, Part VIII of VIII: The Adventures of Superman (2006).


Sunstone is a mineral indigenous to the planet Krypton. Crystalline in structure, Sunstone is self-replicating and architecturally programmable. Kryptonians used the Sunstone mineral for a great percentage of their construction including buildings and space-faring vessels. Nearly all of the Sunstone deposits were destroyed with the destruction of Krypton, but in recent years, trace elements of the crystal have been found on Earth.”

– “Sunstone“, DC Database

CAPABILITY: Kryptonian Warship

In ‘Superman #653‘ titled ‘Up, Up, and Away!, Part VII of VIII: Up in the Sky’, Lex Luthor pilots a Kryptonian warship powered by sunstone technology over Metropolis.

Be sure to check ‘Sunstone‘ on DC Database!

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