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Today, we talk about a battle of epic proportions! The Man of Steel has faced overwhelming foes over his superhero life. Let’s take a look and examine a battle that is sure to rock the Earth and crack the moon! I am talking about a battle royale between Superman and Black Adam. Can the Last Son of Krypton defeat the former Champion of the Egyptian gods?


In ‘Action Comics #831‘ (2005), Superman confronts Black Adam over his protection of the villain Doctor Psycho. A battle ensues.

It appears that the Man of Steel and Black Adam are evenly matched in the strength, speed, and endurance departments. Their energy projection is dependable with Superman holding an edge.

In the fight, Superman’s vulnerability to magic does not seem to be put in display. Black Adam holds back due to a simple misunderstanding between the two.

Superman is not holding back. He attacks with “a punch that would have split the moon in half.” Black Adam turns his back. Superman relinquishes the attack!

In the end, Doctor Psycho removes his hold over the citizens of Metropolis. Black Adam promises to punish Doctor Psycho. Superman reveals his knowledge of Black Adam’s formation of the Secret Society of Super-Villains and promises to watch over them.

Visit ‘Action Comics #831‘ at DC Database.


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