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Feat: Silver Surfer, ‘Silver Surfer’ #22

SILVER SURFER (NORRIN RADD)EARTH-616 In ‘Silver Surfer’ (1989) #22, titled “Monsters… from the Ego!”, Silver Surfer performs an energy projection feat. Ego The Living Planet has imprisoned Silver Surfer on its surface without his board and intends to consume the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic. During the battle, Silver Surfer powers Galactus‘ propulsion device on Ego’s south pole, to send it […]

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Super Power: The Six Infinity Gems Are Multiversal Artifacts Created By The Celestials

SUPER POWER IN MARVEL MULTIVERSE THE INFINITY GEMS ARE ARTIFACTS FROM MARVEL’S PRIMORDIAL UNIVERSE Today we talk about six primordial super powers. I speak of the Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems first appeared in Marvel continuity in ‘Marvel Premiere’ (1972) #2, which featured the first appearance of the Soul Gem and the power of Adam Warlock. In ‘Infinity Wars’ (2018) […]

In 'Annihilation' (2006) #2, Galactus and Silver Surfer are imprisoned on "The Skrull Reach", Thanos' starship.
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Marvel Day: The Annihilation Wave Imprisons Galactus

MARVEL DAY IN MULTIVERSE The Annihilation Wave The Annihilation Wave progresses on its march, leaving behind a path of destruction that threatens the multiverse. Annihilus, a monster from the Negative Zone felt that the expansion of the multiverse to the Negative Zone warranted his conquest. Now, he wants to destroy everything! Annihilus’ Master Plan When the universe was young, Galactus […]

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Marvel Day: The Power Cosmic

Today is Marvel Day! Yay! Today, we talk about an important super power in the Marvel universe, an ambient cosmic energy called The Power Cosmic. The origin of The Power Cosmic is told in the Galactus Trilogy (1966). It is associated with a powerful figure, the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. The Galactus Trilogy (1966) tells of the origin of Galactus. […]