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Feat: Spawn, ‘Spawn’ #262

SPAWN (ALBERT SIMMONS) In ‘Spawn’ (2016) #262, titled “The Satan Saga Wars Part 4”, Spawn performs an energy projection feat. Spawn goes through Hell in order to save Wanda. During the war, Spawn detonated his symbiote to blast Satan with an explosion that devastates Hell. How much energy projection does it take for Spawn to blast Satan with an explosion […]

Image Day 2

Image Day: Spawn Learns About Necroplasm Magic

IMAGE DAY WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT ON MAGIC IN A FICTIONAL SETTING. IN ORIGINS SPAWN CIA FILES THE HELLSPAWN I was dead and went to Hell. In order to see my wife again, I made a deal with D. It turns out, I bargained more than I could hope for. I became a hellspawn. Using CIA files, I […]