“Thanos: Redemption (Thanos (2003-2004))” Review



In ‘Thanos’ (2004) #5, Thanos sneaks up on Galactus aboard Galactus’ ship. AP Photo/Marvel Comics


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The most powerful, enigmatic villain in the Marvel Universe takes center stage. He’s held ultimate power in his hands, only to see it all slip away time and again. His attempts at conquest and destruction have all been thwarted. So what inner demons drive the mad Titan known as Thanos towards his goals — and what hidden desires now pull at his heart and mind?

This comic is a turning point at Marvel concerning their perspective on storytelling. On this rare event, a Marvel supervillain actually attempts to reform. Following the destruction of the universe at his hands, Thanos reflects on his villainy and sets out on a path to redemption. His journey is accompanied by other cosmic characters, and takes him to Rigel-3, Rigel-18 and ultimately… to Galactus.

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This book collects ‘Thanos’ (2003) #1-12 and is 270 pages. One good feature of this book is that it is available on Kindle and Comixology for downloading to have easier access with a 18% Kindle discount.


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  • ‘Thanos’ (2003) #1-12
  • Print Length: 270 pages.
  • Publisher: Marvel.
  • Language: English.
  • Kindle and Comixology formats.
  • 1-Click option.
  • Paperback format available.
  • Publication Date: November 6, 2013.
  • 18% Kindle Discount.

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This is the ground-breaking storyline in the Thanos series. By showing a repentant Thanos seeking redemption, this comic adds a depth to the character that makes Thanos more compelling. We almost want Thanos to succeed in repairing his misdeeds and when he arrives on Rigel-3 there is a tension that makes us understand the character’s motivations.

This product is well reviewed and has 45 ratings with an average customer review rating of 4.5 out of 5. There seems to be a general satisfaction with the product.

One customer review said: “Thanos has been one of the best villains that Marvel has had. So how about as a hero? After the Amazing Infinity Gauntlet story, as cool as Thanos is, something seemed to be a little off for me regarding his motivations. It makes sense, after finally giving up on ultimate power due to the events of IG, he would be a changed person. Not for the better, in my opinion. However, these stories here were excellent and probably the best Thanos stories since the Infinity Gauntlet. The first 6 by Starlin are masterful with a tale that includes Galactus himself. Then Starlin departed and Keith Giffen (another favorite of mine) takes over. Re-reading it here I see him laying the ground work for the Annihilation Wave which lead to the Guardians of the Galaxy take that people are now more familiar with.”

The reviews were overall very positive with only two negative reviews. One problem cited by one of the negative reviews was the dialogue: “If you like the traditional, comic book-y way of having every character explain the plot via long dialogue or thought bubbles, this is for you. If you like the less wordy, modern method of comic book storytelling, you’ll get bored with this quickly.”

Overall, this comic was very enjoyable.



  • Availability in multiple formats: Kindle, Comixology.
  • Affordable price.
  • Kindle Discount.
  • 1-Click
  • Good Customer Review Ratings.


  • Due to the large file size, there may be slow downloads.
  • The book is only available in English.
  • The Paperback is excessively expensive.


We recommend this book as a ground-breaking reformation of the supervillain named Thanos.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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