Feat: Luke Cage, ‘Hero For Hire’ #9

In 'Hero For Hire' (1973) #9, Luke Cage damages Doctor Doom's armor with repeated punches.

In 'Hero For Hire' (1973) #9, Luke Cage breaks Doctor Doom's titanium alloy armor. Let's look at the super-strength super feat.

Feat: Luke Cage, ‘Power Man #17’

Power Man punches through a brick wall facing gunfire, "the first and still the greatest black superhero of all!"

In Power Man #17 (1974), Luke Cage performs a super-strength feat. Luke Cage becomes … Power Man! The ‘Hero For Hire’ is hired by Orville Smythe “to test [Tony Stark]’s factory’s security system.” The truth turns out completely different. At the end of the mission, Luke Cage faces Orville Smythe's Sky-Skate! How much strength does it … Continue reading Feat: Luke Cage, ‘Power Man #17’