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Tag: Iron Man

Battles Of The Week 0

Battles Of The Week: Hawkeye vs Mockingbird

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES: HAWKEYE AND MOCKINGBIRD SUCCUMB TO THE UNDERTAKER MACHINE! In ‘Hawkeye’ (1983) #4, Hawkeye and Mockingbird succumb to Crossfire’s Undertaker Machine into a battle of the sexes. AP Photo/Marvel Comics. Enter the two contestants in the Restwell Funeral Parlour in New York City. On the left side is Hawkeye and on the […]

Battles Of The Week 2

Battles Of The Week: Iron Man vs Hulk

Please scroll down for information about our Panda Nation Fundraiser. BATTLES OF THE WEEK The two contestants encounter each other at a Stane International plant. On the left side is the Invincible Iron Man and on the right side is the Incredible Hulk. Let’s look at the stats! Iron Man – Earth-616 SUPER-STRENGTH: BUILDING SUPER-SPEED: SONIC DURABILITY: CITY BLOCK ENERGY PROJECTION: […]

Marvel Day 1

Marvel Day: In The Dark Dimension, Vision Confesses His Love, Saves Then Marries The Scarlet Witch

MARVEL DAY IN MARVEL COMICS VISION RECLAIMS THE IDENTITY OF THE ROBOTIC WORLD WAR II SYNTHEZOID THE HUMAN TORCH In ‘Giant Size Avengers’ #4, Vision ponders his origin as he attempts to save Scarlet Witch from Dormammu and his sister Umar. The Vision discovered that he was not originally Ultron’s creation, designed by the android to infiltrate and dismantle the […]

Battles Of The Week 5

Battles Of The Week: Black Panther vs. Captain America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK An encounter for the ages! The Protector of Wakanda vs. The Super-Soldier. We present to you, the second encounter in Earth-616 continuity between Captain America and Black Panther! Enter the two contestants! Let’s look at the stats! On the left side, is T’Challa, the King of Wakanda and its Protector as the… Black Panther. BLACK PANTHER […]