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Marvel Day: Dr. Strange


Hi guys! After a long hiatus, we pick things back up with one of the most under-celebrated characters in all of comic-dom! He just got a new movie green-lit! He has starred in two ‘Avengers’ movies to date, and has had a solo movie that has performed well with general audiences! Without further ado, I present, Dr. Strange!

Dr. Strange’s origin

Dr. Stephen Strange was once a gifted but egotistical surgeon who sought out the Ancient One to heal his hands after they were wounded in a car accident. Instead, the Ancient One trained him to become Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.”

– ‘Doctor Strange‘, Comic Vine

Stephen Strange is the eldest of three children born in 1930 to Eugene and Beverly Strange while in vacation in Philadelphia. At a young age, he dreamed of being a doctor from a young age. At the age of 11, he aided his younger sister Donna when she was injured, a formative episode in his journey towards becoming a doctor.

Strange soon entered medical school upon finishing high school. Unable to help his sister when 19 from drowning, made him lose confidence in idealism though he did continue on his career choice.

Strange rapidly finished medical school at a young age and soon became a successful neurosurgeon. He displayed phenomenal talent and skill and “attained wealth and notoriety.” His skill won him cases, which, with each victory, increased his ego and made him more proud. He became estranged from his family and from his fiancee a United Nations translator, Madeline Revell. He even refused to visit his father on his dying deathbed.

After a car accident damaged his nerves in his hands, Stephen Strange’s life changed forever. He was on the way to becoming, Dr. Strange and with a concurrence of events, the Sorcerer Supreme (Doctor Strange).


Dr. Strange was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko and made his first appearance in ‘Strange Tales #110’ in 1963.

Major Story Arcs

‘Civil War’ and ‘World War Hulk

Be sure to check out ‘Civil War’ and ‘World War Hulk’. Dr. Strange is encountered to be a founding member of the Illuminati, a secret organization of superheroes formed after the Kree-Skrull War to stop further threats. The members are: Iron Man, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange (Illuminati).

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Strange possesses mystical artifacts to channel mystical energy, two of which are The Eye of Agamotto and The Cloak of Levitation.

Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Dr. Strange uses mystical energy invoked upon by spells/incantations or by the power of divine beings to manipulate forces of the universe including projection of mystic energy as bolts, slashes, binds, shields, or a scattered array of energy appearing like electricity, manipulating matter and various energies (physical or spiritual) even transmutation of matter, controlling the elements, opening or sealing mystical portals to other realms, teleportation or dimensional travel, reality warping and control over dimension, seeing through or casting illusions, invisibility and intangibility through astral projection, vast mental powers such as telepathy and telekinesis, communication with the dead and spiritual entities, seeing the future or past, manipulating dreams, removing spirits or placing them back into bodies, summoning supernatural beings, or using the powers of supernatural items.

Many of Doctor Strange’s powers are a function of his ability to manipulate the ambient mystical energy of the Marvel Universe. With this ability Dr. Strange can perform many functions. Commonly this is seen as energy attacks that range from low power to planet destroying, transmutation, telekinesis, teleportation, protective shields, etc. He uses this mystical energy to cast spells of a near infinite variety” (Doctor Strange).

SUPER FEAT: Dr. Strange Frees Eternity From Extra-Dimensional Villain Dormammu

In the pages of ‘Strange Tales #146‘ (1966), Dr. Strange performs the super feat of freeing the abstract entity Eternity from extra-dimensional villain Dormammu. Dr. Strange represents the cunning of the human spirit and the ability to triumph over overwhelming odds with skill and strength.

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