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“Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition)” Review

In "Darkseid War" (2015), Minalippe foretells the prophecy of the Darkseid War.
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'Justice League' (2015).
“Justice League: Darkseid War” (2015). DC Comics.


One of the best ending storylines of the New 52. Gift this comic to your friends and collectors on the occasions of trips to Horror-Cons and festivals. Available on Amazon.

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Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition) collects the entire “Darkseid War” storyline in this new Essential Edition, featuring brand-new cover art! For new readers and longtime fans, this is a definitive entry point to the DC Universe’s vast library.

Years ago the Justice League first formed to stop Darkseid and his parademon army from invading Earth. Now Darkseid will once again make the planet a war zone, as Earth becomes the front line in his battle with the Anti-Monitor, a universe-devouring creature who can reduce whole planets to rubble. To stop their planet from becoming collateral damage in this war of gods, the Justice League must uncover the secrets of the New Gods and learn the hidden truth behind the Anti-Monitor’s identity and his history with Darkseid.


From writer Geoff Johns (Doomsday Clock) and acclaimed illustrators Jason Fabok (Detective Comics) and Francis Manapul (The Flash) comes the epic event that changed the Justice League forever. Collects Justice League #40-50, Justice League: The Darkseid War Special and DC Sneak Peek: Justice League.

The DC Essential Edition series highlights the best standalone stories the medium has to offer, featuring comics’ greatest characters. These trade paperback editions focus on the easiest entry points DC has in its vast library, with seminal, groundbreaking tales that transcend the printed page. Start with the Essentials.

Critically, “Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition)” (2018), is the best story of the New 52. Importantly, it features star-studded talent in a story of epic proportions. To this end, the Justice League faces a threat beyond the DC multiverse that brings an overwhelming darkness.

Together, critically-acclaimed writer Geoff Johns and a team of artists collaborate on the story. Though dark, the writing shines on the powerful narration by its strong female characters. Though, there are unexpected twists … and a baby! Nevertheless, the art in the book is characteristic of the New 52: big, bold, innovative and multi-dimensional. Moreover, Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor!

Indeed, share this graphic novel to fans of Darkseid, at comic clubs and the occasions of Comic-Cons. Definitely, it is worth its price and will leave you wanting for more Darkseid! And Grail!

The paperback format is available.

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This comic showcases “Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition).” One good feature of this graphic novel is that it is available in paperback format. It is published by DC Comics.


This paperback has another feature. One good feature of this graphic novel is that it is available in Kindle and Comixology formats.


  • “Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition).”
  • Publisher: DC Comics.
  • Language: English.
  • Print Length: 376 pages.
  • Paperback format available.
  • Kindle and Comixology formats available.
  • Publication Date: October 9, 2018.


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To begin, this comics foreshadows the end of the New 52. Mysteriously, the menace of the Darkseid War looms. Indeed, Darkseid and Anti-Monitor battle over Grail. However, the battle ends in a disaster. Though, a prophecy is later fulfilled. In terms of storyline, the Darkseid War is the most tightly-crafted event of the New 52.

Importantly, the comic is excellent for your collection. Definitely, you will love the modern color palette, the surreal style of art and the characters’ imposing physiques. Indeed, this is the DC Essential Edition to build your comic collection.

This product has excellent reviews and has 495 ratings with an average customer review rating of 4.7 out of 5. There is a great satisfaction with the product.

One customer review said: “So, five stars for character diversity and cohesion, excellent graphical and excellent /art plus epic story with feels, shocks, twists and turns, great flow or pacing and it’s all practically priced under $5 (at time of this writing). Enjoy!”

In addition, there were seven negative global ratings. One negative review mentioned an incorrect product delivery: “Seller’s description was for the Omnibus edition, not the essential it was setting. Since Trade Paper Backs reprint different materials, this edition had around 200 pages less than advertised. Attempts to communicate with the seller (Book Depository) were given generic replies of “editions change.” Unfortunately, this isn’t a different edition. Its a different book that shares some content with the one in the description.”

Overall, this graphic novel was great.



  • Paperback format available.
  • Kindle and Comixology formats available.
  • High-quality art.


  • Damaged product upon delivery.
  • Incorrect product upon delivery.


I recommend this comic as the best graphic novel of the New 52 continuity.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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