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Tag: Amazing Spider-Man

Marvel Day 0

Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld

MARVEL DAY SERIES In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics IN MARVEL COMICS SPIDER-MAN IS KIDNAPPED BY A MASSIVE ALIEN STRUCTURE IN CENTRAL PARK In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is […]

Super power 0

Super Power: Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Is Precognition, A ‘Fight Or Flight’ Response That Warns The Hero Of Danger

SUPER POWER IN MARVEL COMICS A RADIOACTIVE SPIDER BITE GRANTED PETER PARKER THE PROPORTIONATE SUPER POWERS OF A SPIDER TODAY IS NATIONAL BIRD’S DAY. JOIN THE AVIAN WELFARE COALITION! In ‘Amazing Fantasy’ (1962) #15, a young and wimpy high school student from Midtown High named Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider at the General Techtronics Corporation Spider-Man is […]

Power Level 1

Feat: Spider-Man, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #41

SPIDER-MAN (PETER PARKER)EARTH-616 In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ 1966 #41, titled “The Horns Of The Rhino,” Spider-Man performs a super speed feat. Spider-Man has to protect J. Jonah Jameson’s son who has been kidnapped by Rhino who has been on a security detail since his space mission. During the fight, Spider-Man dodges the Rhino’s stampede. How much super speed does it take […]