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Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld



In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics



In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics

In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is transported to Battleworld.

In a battle with Hobgoblin, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin are trapped in a building on fire. Hobgoblin awakens first and attempts to finish off Spider-Man who evades the attack. As the whole structure is about to collapse, Hobgoblin evades pursuit in his battle van. Spider-Man is in hot pursuit.

Writhing in pain and agony, Spider-Man evades certain death when Hobgoblin crashes through a bar. Spider-Man finally crushes open the top of the battle van and enters. A man-to-man confrontation ensues where Spider-Man is at a disadvantage since Hobgoblin previously suppressed Spider-Man’s spider-sense. As Hobgoblin is about to land in the final blow, Spider-Man’s spider sense returns. Spider-Man evades the attack.

Hobgoblin set the battle van on auto-guidance system and it is headed for Pier 83. The battle van crashes into the Hudson River with Spider-Man and Hobgoblin locked in battle. As Spider-Man attempts to save Hobgoblin, the battle van’s self-destruct mechanism engages and the battle van explodes later. Swimming to the surface, Spider-Man borrows a lamp from a frogman and plunges back into the waters. He searches for Hobgoblin amidst the debris and only finds “a ruined mask.”1

In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin. AP Photo/Marvel Comics

A day later, Peter Parker parts with Harry Osborn after consoling him for his father’s death. Suddenly, his spider-sense goes wild, “like a bomb exploding within [his] head.”1 Spider-Man says it’s the third monster tingle he has experienced in the last three days and he puts on his costume.

He states the danger is coming from Central Park. Web-swinging across trees, he arrives at Sheep Meadow. He finds a massive alien structure. Moved by a superior force, he enters the alien structure and vanishes.

In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (1984) #251, Spider-Man is kidnapped by a massive alien structure in Central Park. AP Photo/Marvel Comics


In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #1, Spider-Man and the heroes are transported to Battleworld. The heroes and the villains are kept in separate life-support environments. The heroes are the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men and Magneto. Wasp, a member of the Avengers suggest they make introductions. Then, Captain America orders to notice the other life-support environment at four o’clock.

Reed Richards asks Professor X to scan the construct. He recognizes the aura of evil from the villains. Dr. Doom makes the introductions of the villains who are Enchantress, Ultron, Absorbing Man, Wrecker and the Wrecking Crew, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Kang, Galactus, the Lizard, Molecule Man, Dr. Octopus and himself. Dr. Doom recognizes the construct of the heroes and concludes it is for war. As the heroes wonder why Magneto is in their midst, Professor X motions to pay attention to what is happening in space.


In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #1, Spider-Man and the heroes are kidnapped in space. AP Photo/Marvel Comics.

The heroes watch as the entire galaxy in their vicinity is being wiped away. Thor and Iron Man are in awe. Then, from the remains, a planet is created. Battleworld is created. Then, light erupts in space. The Beyonder introduces himself: “I am from beyond! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!”2

Galactus sensing the Beyonder’s power flies out of the construct in the intent to have Beyonder rid him of his hunger. Dr. Doom is in pursuit. Galactus and Dr. Doom are swatted away like flies to the bewilderment of Captain America and Professor X. The heroes and the villains are transported to Battleworld.

In 'Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars' (1984) #1, Beyonder promises the heroes and the villains their hearts' desire if they battle on Battleworld.
In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #1, the heroes and the villains are introduced to Battleworld. AP Photo/Marvel Comics.


In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #3, a storm is raging on Battleworld. The heroes lament their homes as factions are forming and the villains are preparing for war. At the heroes’ base, in the communications chamber, Hulk, Captain America and Mister Fantastic are monitoring the storm, Galactus and Doombase. Mister Fantastic laments his pregnant wife and asks Captain America to be excused. Spider-Man follows Mister Fantastic and notices how depressed he is. Then he arrives at X-Men HQ.

Spider-Man overhears the X-Men’s discussion. They lament that even on Battleworld, they are not accepted by the Avengers and the heroes. They decide to put their plan in action. They are going to join Magneto. At that moment, Spider-Man storms through the window and swats Professor X and Cyclops. He exclaims he is going tell others about their plans. He webs Colossus and evades Rogue’s attack. He webs Rogue and Nightcrawler and also swats away Wolverine attempting to sneak behind him. Then he escapes evading, Cyclops‘ optic beam. As Spider-Man finds Mister Fantastic attempting to tell him of the X-Men’s plans, Professor X wipes his mind!

In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #3, Spider-Man defeats the X-Men as a storm rages on Battleworld. AP Photo/Marvel Comics


In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, the heroes rescue She-Hulk in danger at Doombase on Battleworld. An all-out battle commences. During the battle, Spider-Man intercepts Titania attempting to land a steel girder on top of the heroes. Spider-Man kicks her in the back.

Spider-Man evades two punches that break through the wall and the ground. He then avoids a block of stone thrown at him. As Titania is about to slam a block of stone on Spider-Man pinned on the floor, Spider-Man evades with lightning speed. Then, with a flurry of a kick and punches, Spider-Man throws Titania through the concrete wall, outside Doombase, she falls to the ground and passes out.

In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man defeats Titania. AP Photo/Marvel Comics

After the battle is over, Captain Marvel finds a battered She-Hulk on the floor. Mister Fantastic places She-Hulk in a pod to regenerate. Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds Thor (and Hulk) exiting a room with his cape reconstituted. Spider-Man asks Thor and Thor tells him that Hulk found a “wondrous device.” Hulk tells Spider-Man it’s in a room where Spider-Man can just think to produce any clothing he wants.

Spider-Man heads into the room and is able to find the device. He concentrates then a black sphere is created on the device. Spider-Man’s spider-sense tingles and as he attempts to evade, the alien symbiote grafts itself onto Spider-Man’s costume. Then, Spider-Man’s black costume is produced on Battleworld. Spider-Man wonders why the costume came out black and says that maybe he was “subconsciously influenced by that new Spider-Woman’s suit!”3

In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #8, Spider-Man creates the black costume using a device that creates things by thought. AP Photo/Marvel Comics



In ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #12, Spider-Man heads back to Earth. AP Photo/Marvel Comics.

At the ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ (1984) #12, the heroes have triumphed and prepare to leave Battleworld. As they prepare to return to Earth, they head to the same room where Spider-Man created his costume. Spider-Man asks the heroes if their costumes respond to thoughts. Human Torch responds “No–They’re just–Just clothes!” Spider-Man wonders to himself why his costume does.

Finally, the heroes are set to be transported back to Earth. Mister Fantastic explains the heroes are going to be beamed to the construct that transported them, then they will be transported back to Earth to Central Park or to whatever location the heroes concentrate on. Mister Fantastic says they will be sent by groups.

First are Spider-Man, Dr. Connors, Spider-Woman, Hulk and Magneto.



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8 thoughts on “Marvel Day Series: Spider-Man Gets A New Black Costume In The ‘Secret Wars’ Event On Battleworld

  1. The original Secret Wars is still one of my favourite Marvel Comics storylines. It was such an epic story and it was awesome to see the heroes and villains fighting each other far away on another planet. I also really liked the black costume that Spider-Man returned with as well, that always looked so good, and of course it was a great surprise when it eventually turned out to be a Symbian – and then became Venom.

    1. Hey Paul! Welcome to Database Comics and thanks for stopping by.

      I do agree with you that ‘Secret Wars’ changed a lot of things and for being the first company wide crossover with tie-ins.

      I do wish they had stuck with the black costume because I thought it fit perfectly though the symbiote was a nice twist.

      Do check the next post out where Spider-Man momentarily frees himself from the symbiote with Mister Fantastic’s help.

      Also, the last post in the series speaks of Venom and is scheduled for March 2nd.

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      1. Thanks Pat! Great blog, will be sure to check out those other Spider-Man related posts as well. I really liked Spider-Man’s black costume and still think it looks really cool. Secret Wars is still one of the best events and crossovers IMOP, and this era of Spider-Man was one of my favourites as well, especially with the debut of the black costume, then Venom, and all the storylines involving the Hobgoblin. He was such great villain, loved all the mystery surrounding him. Shame they’ve never put the Hobgoblin in any of the Spider-Man films, think he’s look great in a movie! 🙂

      2. Hey Paul!

        T’hanks for your comments. I definitely hoped they were going to make the black costume permanent, or at least an option for Spider-Man. Despite its issues and its increase of aggression, the black costume actually increased Spider-Man’s stats across the board. When it was revealed it was a symbiote, I though it added drama and layer for Spider-Man, and was the first brush of darkness for the character. Though I wish they had not gone that route.

        In any case, I hope they bring back the black costume in some capacity. I also thought he was going to end up with the Black Cat. I thought she was a very welcome addition.

        Keep checking out the blog for more posts. If you are interested, check out the following post:

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