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Feat: Mister Fantastic, ‘Fantastic Four’ #123

In ‘Fantastic Four’ #123, Mister Fantastic sends Galactus to the Negative Zone. Let’s look at the intelligence feat.

Battles Of The Week 5

Battles Of The Week: Black Panther vs. Captain America

BATTLES OF THE WEEK An encounter for the ages! The Protector of Wakanda vs. The Super-Soldier. We present to you, the second encounter in Earth-616 continuity between Captain America and Black Panther! Enter the two contestants! Let’s look at the stats! On the left side, is T’Challa, the King of Wakanda and its Protector as the… Black Panther. BLACK PANTHER […]

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Super Power: The Human Torch’s Nova Flame

SUPER POWER THE HUMAN TORCH’S NOVA FLAME Today, we take a look at the nova flame. The Human Torch is a member of the Fantastic Four. Following upon an exposure to cosmic radiation in space, a team of scientists were imbued with fantastic powers: Johnny Storm became The Human Torch, Sue Storm became Invisible Woman, Reed Richards became Mr. Fantastic, […]