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Battles Of The Week 0

Battles Of The Week: Superman vs Black Adam

BATTLES OF THE WEEK THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! SUPERMAN VS BLACK ADAM! In ‘Action Comics’ (2005) #831, Superman confronts Black Adam over his protection of the villain Dr. Psycho. AP Photo/DC Comics. Enter the two contestants in Metropolis. On the left side is Superman, the Man of Steel and on the right side is Black Adam, the Champion of […]

Superman and Zod battling with punches and blasts of heat vision in Metropia.
Super power 4

Super Power: Superman’s Immeasurable Heat Vision

SUPER POWER Superman’s heat vision. Today, we talk about heat vision! This is a super power that puts fear into the hearts of friends and foes alike. As we all know, Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton. As Krypton was exploding, his parents, Jor-El and Lara put him on a ship, and set course for Earth, in order […]