Feat: Thanos, Thanos #5

In 'Thanos' (2004) #5, Thanos' force field withstands a blast from Galactus.

IN GODS, MONSTERS AND INFINITE POWER THANOSEARTH-616 In 'Thanos' (2004) #5, titled "Entry", Thanos performs a durability feat. In an attempt to reform his evil ways, Thanos seeks to aid Galactus in ridding himself of his cosmic hunger. Thanos believes Galactus is being manipulated by an outside force, and when he boards Galactus' ship, there … Continue reading Feat: Thanos, Thanos #5

Feat: Silver Surfer, ‘Silver Surfer’ #22

SILVER SURFER (NORRIN RADD)EARTH-616 In 'Silver Surfer' (1989) #22, titled "Monsters... from the Ego!", Silver Surfer performs an energy projection feat. Ego The Living Planet has imprisoned Silver Surfer on its surface without his board and intends to consume the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic. During the battle, Silver Surfer powers Galactus' propulsion device on Ego's … Continue reading Feat: Silver Surfer, ‘Silver Surfer’ #22

Marvel Day: The Power Cosmic

Today is Marvel Day! Yay! Today, we talk about an important super power in the Marvel universe, an ambient cosmic energy called The Power Cosmic. The origin of The Power Cosmic is told in the Galactus Trilogy (1966). It is associated with a powerful figure, the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. The Galactus Trilogy (1966) tells … Continue reading Marvel Day: The Power Cosmic