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In our first video, we list our Top 5 Best DC Comics Artists. Over the years, DC has been a perennial staple of great and innovative artists and writers, willing to inspire millions of fans. Today, DC Comics continues its tradition of hiring the top talent willing to take comic art to new heights.

In our series, we list the best DC comics artists with additional honorable mentions. Also, you can watch our video above.


At the present, DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee is among the most popular artists in comics. Recently, he raised $800000 for his 60 in 60 charity work for comic shops. Now, pay attention to the Batman #608 cover: With his anatomical precision, the musculature in his character designs, and his attention to detail and scenery, the Korean American artist’s panels give lessons on medicine and still-lives.

Positives: DC Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee’s almost medical manual on human anatomy, clair-obscur and very realistic landscapes.

Negatives: Repetitive poses, facial expressions and non-distinctive characters.


Indeed, Dan Jurgens is a fan-favorite at DC Comics. And with Death of Superman we can see why. Jurgens is the epitome of the comic artist: His pages are full-blown action-oriented panels that create excitement! With his curvy lines and his creative character designs, Jurgens has mastered the DC powerhouses! And we can’t commend him enough on his work with Booster Gold. Recently, he worked on Blue & Gold, about Booster Gold’s and Blue Beetle’s new business venture after Infinite Frontier.

Positives: Creative, literary and artistic genius, kinetic panels and action-oriented, distinctive characters.

Negatives: Under-developed villains, penchant for the dramatic.


For all his glory, the late George Perez deserves to be more well known. Really, his body of work speaks for itself. Though Crisis On Infinite Earths and Wonder Woman are mythic masterpieces, we will remember his revamp of The New Teen Titans! Truly the stuff of legend! And let’s not forget the true sequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths: Infinite Crisis.

Positives: Mythic status, oversaw DC revamps and crises, commended for his attention to detail in covers and movement in panels.

Negatives: Not enough recognition for his monumental work.


At DC Comics, Alex Ross’ work is very cryptic. His magnum opus, Kingdom Come, is an Elseworld of biblical proportions! Born in Portland, OR but raised in Texas, Ross is quite the intellectual as he graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago at the age of 20. Really, his work betrays his classical training and his appreciation for universal themes and idealism.

Positives: Paintings are photo-realistic, novelization and story-telling, universal themes.

Negatives: Suitable only for mini-series, Elseworlds and graphic novels.


It is the consensus among comic critics that the late Jack Kirby is the King of comics! Certainly, everything he touches turns to gold: Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and at DC Comics the franchise he created with the New Gods. In many respects, Kirby’s art is quintessential comic book art. With his wacky designs, sci-fi concepts and space-faring adventure, Kirby’s panels are ingenuity and creativity come to life. When Kirby worked at DC, he completely changed the direction of the multiverse with the creation of his godly metaphysical beings. Ever since Darkseid stepped into the pages of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134, nothing has been the same.

Positives: Creative genius, universe-builder, sci-fi concepts. Negatives: Incomplete volumes at DC Comics.

Honorable mentions: Frank Quitely, Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis, Carlos Pacheco, Mikel Janin, Gary Frank.



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