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Tag: Midnighter

DC Day 1

DC Day: In The ‘Armageddon’ Storyline, The WildC.A.T.s. Rescue Captain Atom Stranded In The DC Multiverse From The WorldStorm

DC DAY IN DC MULTIVERSE CAPTAIN ATOM LANDS IN THE WILDSTORM UNIVERSE In ‘Captain Atom: Armageddon’ (2006) #1, Captain Atom lands in a parallel universe in the DC multiverse: the Wildstorm Universe to presage the Worldstorm. The issue opens with Captain Atom flying the Composite Superman/Batman robot into space in order to bomb a Kryptonite asteroid. On the way, Captain […]

Image Day 1

Image Day: Jenny Quantum Leads The Authority Against The Government Conspiracy Of Harry Bendix

DC DAY WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. IN IMAGE COMICS IN THE BATTLE AGAINST PAUL REVERE AND THE SONS OF LIBERTY, FALLOUT TRIGGERS AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE In ‘The Authority: Revolution’, the Authority is a victim of a government conspiracy. The Authority has taken over the U.S. government and Paul Revere leads a political […]