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DC Day Series: Batman Is Plagued By Femme Fatales (And “Hush”)



In 'Batman' (2003) #610, Batman and Catwoman share a kiss under the full moon in Gotham City.
In Batman (2003) #610, Batman and Catwoman share a kiss. DC Comics

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Over his long storied history, Batman has been incarnated in various media: comic, live-action series and movies, video games, radio and more. Importantly, what has seized the fans’ imagination seems to have been the Dark Knight’s tortured but disciplined humanity. Though Batman may have demons, he always seems to come out on top. And he always comes to a battle prepared with ten moves ahead.

However, in the romance department Batman seems to consistently fail to form lasting relationships. Since DC Universe Rebirth, has that changed? Let’s explain.

The TV Regent


Batman Begins. WB.

In his multiple relationships, Batman has always seemed to remain aloof. In addition, he has struggled with trust and the ability to manage both his romantic relationships and his crusading as the Dark Knight.

From our previous article, we continue the central question of our series: Do his relationships with his femme fatales, bring out the best in Batman making him a #Batgod, or the worst in Batman making him a #Batninja?

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So far, the Twitter audience has given one vote to Talia Al Ghul.

Let’s look at four of Batman’s femme fatales and explain how they affect whether they are #Batgod or #Batninja.





Perhaps, one of Batman’s most dangerous loves. In fact, Talia Al Ghul loves and is loyal to two men: Her father Ra’s Al Ghul and Batman her lover. Without a doubt, her loyalty to her father has often caused conflict with Batman. In Tower of Babel, she breached Batman’s trust in order to steal his contingency plans and attacks the JLA. Later, Robin: Son of Batman popularized in Damian Wayne’s solo title the truth he was Batman’s and Talia al Ghul’s.

For years, Talia hid his existence from the boy’s father. Moreover, she trained Damian in the League of Asssassins. Also, to complicate matters, in Deathstroke vs Batman, Talia arranged for Damian’s false paternity tests in order to start a feud between the rivals. Though Talia has helped Batman on many occasions, she definitely brings the worst in him. Definitely, Batman is her Bat-ninja.

In 'Deathstroke' (2018) #30, Batman fights Deathstroke.
In Deathstroke (2018) #30, Batman fights Deathstroke. DC Comics.


Really, this relationship has remained more of an infatuation and respect than anything else. Within the Trinity, Wonder Woman has held a close bond with Batman and perhaps, a closer one with Superman. In fact, the Superman-Wonder Woman romance takes its starting point from their impossible romance while fighting a thousand years in Valhalla.

For their part, Wonder Woman seems drawn to Batman’s decisiveness, mystery and solitude. During their battles, they naturally grew close together. During “JLA: Obsidian Age,” they even shared a kiss. However, nothing long-lasting came of it. For their mutual respect and burgeoning romance, Wonder Woman definitely makes Batman into a Bat-god.

In JLA (2002) #74, Batman and Wonder Woman share a kiss. DC Comics.


Perhaps, a strong contender for Batman’s most passionate flame. Initially, Batman mistook his feelings for Pamela Isley as love. In reality, as a chlorokinetic, Poison Ivy can manipulate men’s and women’s emotions with pheromones. On many occasions, Poison Ivy has attempted to kill the Dark Knight.

On other instances, she has longed for a relationship with him. In Feat: Batman, Batman: Gotham Knights #64, we explain how Batman cured Pamela Isley of her chlorokinesis. Later, the two would have a relationship that ended on Pamela’s suicide attempt. Definitely, Pamela brings the worst in the Caped Crusader as her Bat-ninja.

In Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight (1993) #43, Poison Ivy’s kiss causes Batman to hallucinate. DC Comics.


Over 82 years of shared history, Catwoman has been the relationship that has suited Batman the best. At times tense, at times passionate. Also, at times supportive, at times cheating. At the same time, though they ultimately did not trust each other in Hush, their relationship blossomed over the years. In Tom King’s DC Rebirth run on Batman (2016), Batman actually proposes to Catwoman.

Certainly, a monumental shift which even leads to her pregnancy. However, the pair ends up not marrying. Nonetheless, it appears Catwoman has been a constant in the Bat-family and continues to support the Bat in times of need. Definitely, Batman is Catwoman’s Bat-god and their relationship truly helps both.

In 'Batman' (2003) #610, Batman and Catwoman share a kiss under the full moon in Gotham City.
In Batman (2003) #610, Batman and Catwoman share a kiss. DC Comics



In Batman, ‘Batman vs The Incredible Hulk’ #1, we rated Batman’s notorious Bat-kick in the DC/Marvel crossover from the 1980s.

Given Hulk’s tough skin and “oversized lungs”, no one outside of at least a Metahuman Level in Strength Class could have caused Hulk’s reflex.1 Evidently, Batman kicked Hulk at a pressure point, the solar plexus.

In terms of Strength Level, Hulk’s oversized lungs would have necessitated approximately a Planetary Level of Super Strength in order to gasp for air.

For this reason, in order to save appearances, we can state that the Bat-kick likely required Bat-ninja Fighting Skills with chi manipulation. Or blame it on Deus Ex Machina.


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