DC Day Series: Is Batman A #Batgod Or A #Batninja?



BATMAN, The God of Knowledge. DC Comics.

Batman Day is September 17th. Let’s celebrate this superhero.



Over his long storied history, Batman has been incarnated in various media: comic, live-action series and movies, video games, radio and more. Importantly, what has seized the fans’ imagination seems to have been the Dark Knight’s tortured but disciplined humanity.

Though Batman may have demons, he always seems to come out on top. And he always comes to a battle prepared with ten moves ahead.

However, Batman seems to consistently outperform metahumans, gods and cosmic beings. What is Batman’s formidability in battles?

The TV Regent


Batman Begins. WB.

In his titanic battles, Batman has out-performed DC powerhouses.

And at the same time, he has struggled with his rogues and criminal masterminds.

Two factors that seem to determine the outcome of Batman’s fights is preparation and the level of unpredictability.

From our previous article, we continue the central question of our series:

Does his preparation bring out the best in Batman making him a #Batgod?

Or does unpredictability affect his formidability making Batman a #Batninja?

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So far, the Twitter audience has given one vote to Bat vs Bane.

Let’s look at four instances of Batman’s battles and explain how they affect whether they are #Batgod or #Batninja.




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Notoriously, Bane is famous for being the one who physically and mentally dominated Batman.

In Batman: Knightfall, the supervillain orchestrates the downfall of the Dark Knight.

Masterfully, the HULK frees the criminals from Arkham Asylum.

Then, it is up to Batman to capture and return them. However, the process proves very difficult.

Even more, Batman’s relationships are tested and he decides to take on the Herculean task by himself.

With little preparation and due to the rogues’ sheer number, Batman is taken near exhaustion.

Ultimately, Bane defeats Batman and iconicly breaks his back.

Definitely, Bane’s mental and physical superiority prove unpredictability makes Batman a #Batninja.

In Batman (1993) #497, Bane breaks Batman’s back. DC Comics.


Perhaps, one of the greatest battles in comicdom. Over the years, Batman and Superman have fought.

Though each have had their victories. At the same time, Batman has shown why he is ultimately a #Batgod.

Indeed, one of the Dark Knight’s greatest strengths, is his preparation before his missions.

In fact, Batman is a tactical genius who evens the odds with preparation, tactics, martial arts and technology.

Certainly, Batman succeeds in putting up a fight against the Kryptonian because he knows how his opponent thinks.

In most fights, unless Superman were bloodlusted, the outcome would be a draw.

In 'Batman' (2003) #612, Batman punches a mind-controlled Superman with a Kryptonite ring.
In Batman (2003) #612, Batman punches a mind-controlled Superman with a Kryptonite ring. DC Comics.


Indeed, Joker is Batman’s nemesis. In many respects, many of the Detective’s rogues have mental instability.

In the recent The Joker War (2020), the Clown Prince of Crime decides to take over Wayne Enterprises.

In fact, in order to force Batman to reveal his secret identity.

Dramatically, Joker manages to take over Gotham City in order to wage war.

On multiple occasions, authors have wondered why Batman does not permanently end his rivalry.

Partly, it is because Joker’s insanity creates unpredictability.

At his heart, the Detective is a scientist who seeks to control Gotham City and end crime.

For these reasons, Joker contradicts everything Batman seeks to achieve.

Definitely, Joker makes Batman a #Batninja.

'The Joker War' Part One.
The Joker War Part One. DC Comics.


To begin, Man-Bat’s FIRST APPEARANCE in DC continuity is in Detective Comics (1970) #400.

In the New 52, Kirk Langstrom is originally a scientist with good alignment.

Indeed, he attempts to develop a serum to help the deaf and the blind. But he develops the Man-Bat serum by accident.

In Detective Comics (2014) #26, Batman outwits Kirk Langstrom.

In order to save his wife from her Man-Bat transformations, Batman tricks Kirk.

Indeed, he administers the scientist with his own counter-serum, telling him it is a sedative.

When his wife fights them, Kirk drops the sedative. However, Kirk transforms into Man-Bat and bites her.

Soon, the bite injects the sedative reverting her transformation.

And depending on your opinion, Batman is either a #Batgod or #Batninja.

However, Batman punches Man-Bat to revert him into Kirk. Definitely a #Batgod.

In 'Batman/Superman: Annual' (2015) #2, Batman fights Man-Bat.
In Batman/Superman: Annual (2015) #2, Batman fights Man-Bat. DC Comics

Please see our JLA Big Seven article on Batman’s formidability rating. Ultimately, we disagree with the user and state that Batman is properly speaking a #Batgod.




In Batman, ‘Batman vs The Incredible Hulk’ #1, we rated Batman’s notorious Bat-kick in the DC/Marvel crossover from the 1980s.

Given Hulk’s tough skin and “oversized lungs”, no one outside of at least a Metahuman Level in Class could have caused Hulk’s reflex.1

Evidently, Batman kicked Hulk at a pressure point, the solar plexus.

In terms of Strength Level, Hulk’s oversized lungs would have necessitated a Planetary Level of Super Strength in order to gasp for air.

For this reason, we can state that the Bat-kick likely required #Batninja Fighting with chi manipulation.

Or blame it on Deus Ex Machina.


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