In 'Incredible Hulk' (2007) #102, World War Hulk puts a serious beatdown on Hercules.

Super Power Explained: In The Marvel Universe, Class 100 Heroes And Villains Who Are More Powerful Than Hulk

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In 'Incredible Hulk' (2007) #102, World War Hulk puts a serious beatdown on Hercules.
In Incredible Hulk (2007) #102, World War Hulk puts a serious beatdown on Hercules. Marvel Comics.

In the Marvel Universe, Hulk sits at the top of the powerhouses. Indeed, his dynamic strength, gamma radiation physiology, regeneration and unlimited strength make him the strongest hero. Visit our article on THE Marvel Universe Strength Hierarchy Ranks The Top 10 Heroes And Villains By The Potential For Infinite Strength.

In the massive World War Hulk crossover, Hulk defeated Earth’s powerhouses to conquer the planet. Finally, his rampage was put to an end in battle against Sentry. At the end of the fight, both warriors reverted to their human forms. However, Bruce Banner was the last one standing while Robert Reynolds collapsed. Indeed, proving Hulk is the strongest there is.

However, if strength is one thing, power is quite another. If strength is about raw potential, power is about strength, skill and mastery. Over the years, Hulk has faced foes with overwhelming power who have definitely defeated him. Let’s list heroes and villains who are more powerful than Hulk.


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In 'Incredible Hulk' (2011) #7, Doctor Doom defeats Perfect Hulk.
In Incredible Hulk (2011) #7, Doctor Doom defeats Perfect Hulk. DC Comics.

In the Marvel Universe, no supervillain is more lustful and proud than Doctor Doom. Generally, Doctor Doom does not want to destroy the world. Really, the Baron of Iron intends to rule.

Despite his unlimited strength, Hulk has weaknesses. Among his weaknesses, is magic. Particularly, Doctor Doom is unique for his union of science and sorcery. In fact, he is a powerful mage who once contended as a runner-up for the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

In a battle, Doctor Doom’s invulnerable Armor, mystic blasts and esoteric powers are more than a match for Hulk’s strength. Furthermore, Doom’s super-genius intelligence can definitely exploit Hulk’s lack of intelligence.

In Incredible Hulk (2011) #7, Doctor Doom defeats Perfect Hulk. In the issue, Doom separated Hulk from Bruce Banner creating Perfect Hulk. Later, Hulk returns blaming Doom for the Behemoth having killed Bruce Banner. Soon, a fight follows. Though short-lived, it highlights Doctor Doom’s magic and intelligence advantages.

Definitely, Doctor Doom ranks among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.


In 'Thor' (2020) #6, Cosmic King Thor kills Galactus.
In Thor (2020) #6, Cosmic King Thor kills Galactus. Marvel Comics.

Over the years, Thor and Hulk have been considered rivals. Though, Hulk has often been considered the strongest Avenger. At IGN, Jesse Schedeen argues Thor Just Managed to Kill [Spoiler], Proving He Actually Is the Strongest Avenger.

In 2020, Cosmic King Thor dramatically outclassed the competition. During Donny Cates’ run, titled Devourer King, King Thor becomes Cosmic King Thor, Herald of Galactus. To begin, Galactus and Silver Surfer come to Asgard to warn of the Black Winter. To stop it, Thor agrees to become Galactus’ Herald.

However, it comes at a cost. To prepare for the calamity, Thor helps Galactus consume five planets. Finally, the Black Winter arrives. After testing Thor, it reveals the King dreadful visions of the future. In the end, Thor realizes that he must fulfill Galactus’ prophecy: he is the one to kill Galactus. In one powerful blast, Thor throws his hammer at the Star God, incinerating him immediately.

And considering Thor’s godblast is Universal-Level and a fully-fed Galactus can withstand the core of a galaxy. Definitely, at least a Universal-Level of Energy.

Without a doubt, Hulk has the potential for Infinite Super Strength. Though, Thor’s energy projection can deal some serious damage. In a battle, it is a matter of whether Hulk can withstand a Universe-busting attack from Thor.


Energy: Universal 83%



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In 'Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus,' (2007) #2, Silver Surfer absorbs the energy of the Big Crunch to defeat Proemial Gods.
In Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus (2007) #2, Silver Surfer absorbs the energy of the Big Crunch to defeat Proemial Gods. Marvel Comics.

To this day, Annihilation Silver Surfer is the most popular version of the character. For good measure. During the Annihilation EVENT, Silver Surfer and the United Front fight off an invasion from the Negative Zone. To this end, Annihilus aided by Thanos, has imprisoned Galactus to use as a bomb.

In order to face this crisis, Galactus increases Surfer’s power. Though, he tampers with his personality. Back to active service, Silver Surfer becomes a challenger to even Thor post-Annihilation.

Amazingly, one of the Sentinel’s most well-known feats during Annihilation, is his fight against two Proemial Gods. Notably, Proemial Gods derive their powers from the Big Crunch, the end of the universe.

In Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus (2007) #2, Silver Surfer defeats Tenebrous and Aegis. Initially, no match for the two gods, Silver Surfer lays in space badly wounded. Then, he elects to absorb the energies of the Big Crunch. Soon, he fells his foes. Fortunately, Galactus arrives and heals Surfer who is near death.

In the Marvel Universe, Silver Surfer is one of the top energy manipulators. Over the years, Silver Surfer has dominated Hulk in battles. Using the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer has often tampered with Hulk’s rage. In effect, calming the monster and reverting him to Bruce Banner.

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In Siege (2010) #4, Thor and the Avengers face Void Sentry.

At Marvel, there have been many Marvel Supermen versions: Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Gladiator and even Sentry. Among them, Sentry has been the most successful. Perhaps, the most powerful Marvel SUPERMAN.

What makes Sentry tick is the fact that he is mentally unstable with the overwhelming power of a god. In fact, he has been stated to possess the power of a million exploding suns.

In World War Hulk, Sentry clashed with Hulk’s most powerful version. What resulted, was a thrilling fight with planet-busting punches and a tornado of searing energy blasts. Both characters went all-out. And at the end, only Bruce Banner was left standing.

However, that was not Sentry’s most powerful version. In Siege (2010) #4, Thor and the Avengers faced Void Sentry. As Void Sentry, Robert Reynolds is an abstract being of horrifying power. Moreover, the entity literally thrashed the entire Avengers team. Indeed, only the power of a god – a Thunder God – is able to conquer him. Proving that when push comes to shove, Thor and Sentry rank ahead of Hulk in terms of power.


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